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“But where should I start?” — that’s a common question for individuals considering a career in IT. Should you go for a programming language such as HTML? Should you pursue an industry certification? Such questions will attract different answers which can only get confusing.

IT is a diverse field with tons of professional paths from network engineering to database administration, data analysis, and cybersecurity among the rest. And the best thing to start your journey in this industry is to earn a credential. For newbies, one of the most suitable variants is Microsoft’s MTA which will show if the chosen path is really the right option for you.

This post is for those who are ready to explore their opportunities at the baseline level and build a successful career in IT using the available resources. Let’s see how you can get started, skill up, and advance your knowledge using the Microsoft 98-366 exam. But first, here are more tips for launching an IT career.

Steps to Launching an IT Career

With a proper vision, the right skills, and clear goals, launching a new career becomes easier. So, get ahead by adopting the following tips for starting a career in IT.


  • Explore your job options


It’s quite unfortunate that many prospective tech professionals get into the field without first sieving through the most demanded job roles. Different tools such as the TechCareer Compass have been designed to help newbies explore the existing options and choose what suits their profile.


  • Acquire the relevant IT skills


Information technology offers several ways to enhance your professional resume. Anything from writing queries to salesforce knowledge and database administration can quickly turn into a full-time job. So, pursue your interests and add new skills to your resume to improve your job prospects.


  • Pursue industry certification


Obtaining a certification proves to be one of the easiest ways to break into IT. While a college degree will likely take between 1-4 years of intense studies, credentials from IT vendors can be chosen and taken in only a few weeks of proper training. 

Earning MTA Certification

Entry-level badges such as Microsoft MTA act as the launch pads for building a successful career in a field that’s best known for its dynamics and stiff competition. Most of these credentials have been designed to verify the foundational IT knowledge in different spheres which will be important when you want to choose your path and meet the requirements for pursuing advanced-level credentials. 

To successfully launch an IT career using the MTA certification, first, you should analyze all the options and choose the right one to enroll in. Then, to earn this badge, you will have to take and pass the required test. The current MTA exam list is long and some of the most popular options include the following: 98-364 Database Fundamentals, 98-366 Networking Fundamentals, ExamSnap 98-366 Security Fundamentals, and some others.

Let’s now switch our attention to the Microsoft 98-366 exam which will assess your understanding of the basic networking concepts.

What to Know About Microsoft 98-366 Exam?

As an entry-level MTA exam, most of the candidates who sit for it are students, inexperienced professionals, and individuals who are interested in switching their careers to IT networking. Despite having no prerequisite, this test requires applicants to possess some practical experience in working with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, network management tools, TCP/IP, and DNS.

To fully verify your technical skills, this test includes the questions that check your knowledge of protocols and services (45-50%), network hardware (20-25%), and network infrastructure (30-35%).

Prospective Career Options

Passing the Microsoft 98-366 Practice Test makes you eligible for a variety of job-roles at the entry level and beyond. Learners who ace this test are well-positioned to handle several tasks which are commonly performed by network administrators, network security engineers, etc. The knowledge obtained during preparation for your certification tests will make it easier for you to dive into new responsibilities and will serve as a foundation for future advancements.

Passing 98-366 Exam: Microsoft-sponsored Learning

One of the easiest ways to prepare for and pass your 98-366 exam is to enroll in the corresponding official course, for example, Microsoft-provided instructor-led training. There are 2 available options for test 98-366 that last for 3 and 5 days respectively and help you cover all the objectives needed. Besides, other study materials you may consider include the Microsoft official community and a practice test that will show you the exam structure and will help to check your grasp of the topics.

Launch a Successful IT Career with ExamSnap

To achieve the best results in your Microsoft 98-366 exam, you can complement your preparation by using valid and updated exam dumps provided by ExamSnap. Such training with real exam questions is one of the easiest ways to pass a certification test especially if you can compare your choices with the right answers.

ExamSnap offers free vce files provided by recent successful candidates as well as a paid Premium Bundle ($39.97) that consists of the expert-verified exam dumps, a course of video lectures, and a study guide.

You may wonder, how exactly these materials are helpful? In addition to showing you probable questions and their answers, exam dumps allow you to practice in the exam-like environment through the VCE Player. It simulates the real testing process and all its features including the timing, score reports, and different question types. All this will surely increase your confidence which is essential when taking your assessment. 

The Bottom Line

A career change can be worrisome and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you understand your priorities. The Microsoft 98-366 exam is a great option for individuals looking to start a successful IT career using their skills and knowledge of networking technologies. So, make important strides by becoming MTA certified today, prepare for the test completely with the help of exam dumps, and rise through the ranks within the shortest time possible.

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