Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Each one knows the congress political party from the ancient days to till now; it is the one which is ruling India after the Independence. They are even taken part in historical school and college subjects. Have ever thought about why the congress members and leaders are known by every Indian people. The main reason is they have ruled India in the best and good way.


Multiple people got gained by them; their ruling helps to improve the people lifecycle and their living method. That’s why the Indian people wholeheartedly trust the congress organization. Especially in Assam congress party is the one who has ruled the nation multiple times. The Assam people gave them a lot of chances while Elections. Congress has excellently utilized their opportunities and got popular among the Assam people.


When compared to the olden days Assam nation, now it has turned and developed so much. People love to live and enjoy their life in Assam. Due to the congress party ruling, they are getting full peace and happiness. The Congress Party Election symbol was known by everyone in India. Their symbol is the hand and it was familiar to everyone. To know more about the congress party and their ruling, read and understand about them on forbesnews9.


Why are people putting their votes to the Congress party?

During elections at Assam state, the congress organization leaders and members will be got 70% of the votes from the Assam people, because they have done a lot of good things to the Assam people. They have facilitated and brought multiple updated technologies at Assam, it helps them to do their works technically.


Nowadays most of the people at Assam are educated and graduated; the Assam congress government offers the poverty people a free education. By utilizing those plans, the people are getting graduation.


This education helps their career and gives them a perfect earning job. Most people struggle to get their necessities such as water, food, and home, the Assam congress ruling members fulfilling their necessities. Due to this behavior of their organization, the Congress Party Election symbol was known to every Assam person.


What are the schemes implemented by congress?

It has executed multiple plans and schemes for the Assam people’s welfare such as providing loans to higher educations, for starting the business, for constructing a new office or else home plus for agriculture, and much more.


Through these loan schemes people getting their money to start their new enterprise, home plus office, and for their higher studies. The congress organization has also announced that, if they come to the ruling again they will cancel all the loan money for the people who have got for the education and the agriculture; it gives a people big relief.


How congress solved the unemployment issues?

Nowadays the major issue of the people is unemployment; it makes every people worry. To evade their difficulties, congress has created and provided a lot of employment opportunities to the Assam people.

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