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An attractive lawn makes your house look more beautiful and elegant. A lawn needs regular maintenance, which is a laborious affair. Regular mowing and trimming are some the basic steps you need to follow, so that the lawn continue to look attractive and appealing. Mowing is the primary reason why you need a lawnmower.

Unfortunately, just like any other mechanical instrument, it also runs the risk of involving some operational problems and cost that every lawnmower has to bear with.However, if you pay close attention to these problems, then you can easily solve most of them without any worries.

Here are the 10 common problems that lawnmower face. We also suggest some recommended tricks and tips to rectify them through DIY method.

  1. Dirty and un-cleaned Filter: You may be busy mowing the lawn but suddenly the power connection with the lawnmower gets snapped. However, the machine will warn you about that by giving splitting sounds while in operation. This is the signal that the engine is about to stop functioning. This usually happens due to a dirty/un-cleaned filter. You should clean it after reading the instruction manual of the manufacturer. Since filters do not cost much, you can even replace it.
  2. Emission of Smoke from Lawnmower: At times, smokes are emitted due to leaks in the oil chamber. On the event of lawnmower tilting towards a particular side when moving on a sloppy area, the oil might leak into the muffler. Under such a situation, turn off the engine immediately and wait for some time to allow the machine to cool down. If smoke continues to come out just replace the old cap with a new one.
  1. The lawnmower is Not Starting: The lawnmowerwill not start if its gas tank is empty. If you find the gas tank is filled and okay, then your battery might be damaged. You must replace it immediately. You can see here the reviews of the best electric start petrol lawn mower.
  2. Slowing Down in Speed: If your lawnmower is operating at a reduced speed, then, you must check the drive belt as it might have been damaged. You can find a drive belt in the mower’s motor casing. If the belt is alright, then check its fitting. If it is loosely fitted, the operational speed of the mower is bound to slow down. If everything is okay, then you must check the battery.
  3. The Starter Rope is Stuck: In such a situation, check the flywheel brake. The engagement of the flywheel brake may have caused it. You need to make sure that the flywheel brake is pressing against the handle. If it is alright, examine if the lawnmower blade is in its right functional mode.
  4. Overheating of Lawnmower: First check whether there is a buildup of grass blocking the engine’s exhaust. Remove them. If the problem still persists, then check the cooling fan which is part of the engine cylinder’s head. It often leads to overheating of the machine.
  5. Lawnmower Not Functioning: The wet and long grasses often result in functional problems of lawnmowers. For the safety of your machine, it is always advisable that you mow in a systematic-slow pace to cut the grass.
  6. Problems Caused by Carburetor: The carburetor problems with lawnmowers happen due to corrosionIf it happens, you must replace the old carburetor with a new one. It won’t cost you much.
  7. Lawnmower Turns Bumpy:Sometimes, you experience that your lawnmower is jumping a bit while mowing your lawn. It happens because of a shortage of oil. Get rid of this problem by checking the level of oil at frequent intervals.
  8. Your Lawnmower Is Discharging Poorly: The primary reason for it is that your lawnmower’s engine is not functioning at full throttle. This problem can easily be solved by ensuring that the engine is working at its full capacity while the machine is in use. If you find the lawnmower is still behaving the same erratic way, sharpen or replace the worn-out blades.


Now You now know the common problems of a lawnmower and also have learned dos and don’ts regarding maintenance or caution on using it. All types of machinery are liable to run into trouble, whatever may be their mechanical specifications and use. Thankfully, lawnmowers encounter a very few problems as compared to other appliances. And the good news is you can easily solve these problems at home.

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