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Every girl knows how difficult it is to pick out the perfect dress. Even professionals have trouble deciding the right dress for a particular occasion. But there is something out there for prom, ball, formal event, wedding, fundraiser, or anywhere else you are planning to spend your evening. 

These kinds of events demand that you wear a fancy evening dress. Not just any other outfit that you would wear on your night out. 

This short guide will tell you how to pick the perfect evening dress. 

Understand Your Body Type

Before you start looking for evening dresses, it might be useful to understand your body type. Otherwise, you might up with a dress that doesn’t fit properly in all the right places. You can find all kinds of beautiful evening dresses online at Misha.

  • Apple

The best dress for this body type would be an empire-waisted one. You could look into something that has ruffles or embellishments flowing over the middle area. 

  • Pear

If your body type is pear, then you should look into a dress that is tight at the top or strapless. You could also have a wide bottom. The reason is that it emphasizes the curves in the upper area while minimizing the bottom.

  • Hourglass

If you have an hourglass body, that means your waist should be relatively small, and you have upper and lower curves. You want to show these off. So you can try something with a tight waist or maybe a belt.

  • Petite

For a petite body type, you could try a tight-fitting or a draping dress to enhance your curves. You can look into short dresses or long fit with a slit to show off some leg. 

  • Busty

A busty body type is not easy because you want to draw attention to your entire body instead of just the bust. For that, you can look for something that makes your facial features more prominent and makes your hips look broader. You can also show some leg if you like but avoid going for a short dress. 

Consider the Location of the Venue

Based on the location of the venue, you could pick the right dress and something else that would perfectly go with it.

For instance, you could pair with a cute sweater, jacket, or shawl if its outdoors. You could also try a flat sole or a chunky heel. However, it would be good to keep the heel to a minimum, or else your feet might sore. 

Look Into the Other Invitees

Look into the other guests attending the event because you would want to respect everyone’s nature and keep a balance. 

Look into the type of people, their ages, and everything else that can help you pick out the right dress.

You also need to show your look as elegant and classy. The best way to do it is to wear a statement jewelry piece that clearly stands out.

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