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The IT industry is a highly dynamic and constantly growing sector driven by the demand for more efficient IT solutions. Therefore, it requires the highly qualified experts. The employers and other players of the industry pay attention not only to higher education but also to other points. The certificates are such an important point. There are many IT certifications available but the benefits they have can vary. Let’s take a look at how CompTIA Security+ can enhance your career in the IT sector.

Get Familiar with CompTIA Security+ Certification

Obtaining the CompTIA Security+ certificate takes some sacrifice. It requires that you put in the effort and prepare for the challenge thoroughly. But before you start your preparation process, you should get acquainted with the perks of earning this certification. Here are some benefits you can enjoy :

  1. It increases your opportunities

First of all, the CompTIA Security+ certification is accepted and recognized worldwide. Despite the place you are living, you can prepare with great deliberation, pass the exam, and then obtain your certificate. And after that, you can freely use it in any country. This can increase your career opportunities as well as let you pursue more benefits.

  1. It allows you stand out and get recognized

While searching for a good professional, the recruiters need to go through a multitude of resumes. There are really many CVs (especially in the IT industry). At the same time, most of them are not interesting. They just don’t stand out. Having the CompTIA Security+ certificate on your resume indicates that you have strong expertise in cybersecurity. This means that it takes less effort for you to learn more skills. Therefore, it highlights your CV among many others. Show the hiring managers that you are motivated enough to learn and develop.

  1. It leads to higher salaries

One of the biggest reasons for getting an IT certification is higher salaries that can come with it. As the CompTIA Security+ certificate leads to landing a job with more responsibilities, it can also allow a specialist to earn a great remuneration. According to the website, the professionals with this sought-after certification are paid on average $76,000 per annum. This is good pay for someone who is just at the beginning of their way in the field of cybersecurity .

  1. It creates the way to stay updated

The CompTIA Security+ certificate is valid for three years, after which you are required to recertify (as the industry is rapidly evolving and requires the right professionals). Therefore, if you want to be the relevant specialist, you should always be on the edge of technological progress in your area. Thanks to the recertification process, an individual has the possibility to keep up to date with changes in her/his professional field.


As the field of cybersecurity develops, the CompTIA Security+ certification is demanded more as a foundation for the professionals. The benefits you can enjoy from earning it are not limited to those described in this article. Feel free to find even more information on the Internet.

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