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Best Things To Do In Nepal

Nepal, a favorite place for trekking also offers you to experience other things as well. Nepal is famous for its hospitality and loving local peoples. The world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, also lies in Nepal and trekking to Everest is also one of the best treks in Nepal. Except this, here are a lot of things to do in Nepal. Here I will provide you with the 4 underrated & less famous but the best things to do in Nepal.

  1. Remote Treks

There are several trekking tracks in Nepal. Among which some of them are remote village treks such as Upper mustang trek, trekking to Langtang valley, manaslu circuit etc.The most well-known solitary is in the course of Lang tang. This trekking track includes Lang tang River, mountains and forests. You can catch up the trek for 6 to 16 days based on your choices. You can listen to the watercourse sounds and take pleasure in exotic fruits as you hike. The most exciting part of this trekking is the awe-inspiring scenery that the natural world paints for you.

Trekking to Mustang is the hidden gem remote trek to Buddhist cultural tour. Which allows us to explore Tibetan culture in Nepal?Likewise,Manaslu trek allows experiencing local peoples of remote region of Nepal and beautiful mountain views.

  1. Blue Sheep Hunting

You can hunt with authorization in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve. If you are all geared up to pay out a substantial amount of wealth on the hunting experience, you can chase blue sheep or wild boar at this point. You cannot track any new creature. There is moreover a trekking trail from here to Dolpo which is selected by many populaces. You can also hire a helicopter trip through the hunting reserve.

  1. Boating in Pokhara

Pokhara is well thought-out as the jewel of the Himalayas. The most delightful element of this place is Phewa Lake where you can take pleasure in boating or some soothing time in any of the lakeside communities. There is a conventional bazaar in Pokhara where you can have the benefit of souvenir shopping. In the early hours of the morning, boating with the vision of Fishtail Mountain is a lofty thing at this point.

  1. Tasting Nepal

 You can find a bunch of high-class luxury restaurants that would endow you with the food from your traditions. But, you can continuously enjoy those in your home. This is the place for a cuisine that is a combination of Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese and several others.

The most excellent of all is momos of diverse types. Top items to experience here is pulao (flavored vegetable rice), Dal Bhat, Thukpa(noodle soup), Nepal doughnut (Sel Roti), curry dish of Gorkhali lamb(almost like lamb chops) and several others. You have to try the butter tea of Nepal which has an out of the ordinary salty taste. It can only be observed in modern and established restaurants in and around Nepal.

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