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AWS Marketplace Tips For Sellers

AWS Marketplace is a place where companies can sell their services, for example, Redshift or Elasticsearch, in the cloud.

These are some tips on how to list your product in the AWS marketplace:

Consider the category in which you want to list your product

First, you want to consider which category your product belongs to. You can check out the source of this information here: AWS Marketplace Seller Guidelines and look up the specific categories under which your product will be listed.

Read AWS Marketplace Seller Guidelines

You want to read all the guidelines that Amazon provides for sellers, such as these general guidelines and then these marketplace service-specific guidelines.

Some important things to make note of include:

• Amazon requires all AWS Marketplace Sellers to accept the v2.0 licensing agreement and abide by Amazon’s rules for selling on its site, as stated in the Seller Agreement.

• You must provide accurate product information Amazon provides a template for this: Amazon MWS Product Data Templates Once you’ve received your seller ID and secret key, you can start uploading your product data.

Use the Amazon MWS API Reference

The easiest way to build a marketplace application is through the use of the AWS Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) API, which enables developers to programmatically upload and manage product information from their own fulfillment systems.

In addition, you have access to web service APIs that you can use to manage your seller account, list your products for sale, and track their performance in the AWS Marketplace.

Create a seller account

If you already have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer account, then you won’t need to create another one. You can simply access API capabilities using your current AWS session.

However, if you don’t have an AWS account, you can create one here.

List products on Amazon

Once your product is listed in the marketplace, you will obtain a seller ID and secret key from the MWS console. You can then start uploading service due diligence information with these credentials to manage your service catalog within the AWS Marketplace.

Here are some tips for listing your products on Amazon:

• List products in a category that you’re familiar with.

• Ensure to provide accurate product information, including a description and images.

• Update your service due diligence data periodically to reflect changes in your service or contact information.

• Respond to customer inquiries quickly and accurately.

• Answer customers’ questions in the AWS Marketplace Community Forum.

• Please keep in mind that there is a US$1,000 fee for listing a product in the AWS Marketplace. This includes a US$100 fee for each additional product you list from the same seller account.

If you have more than one service to sell, you can do it under the same seller account. AWS charges a US$100 fee for every additional product you list in the marketplace, but there’s no charge for listing your products within each service category.

Final Thoughts

If you need help with any of the above steps or have questions about this article, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!

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