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Wrongful Death Attorney

We get it that death is permissible, but do you know how painful it is to lose a loved one because of negligence by a care provider? The legal process surrounding such a scenario can be both overwhelming and financially straining. A wrongful death attorney will help you go through the trying moment of loss and also get the justice you deserve. 

When Should You Get a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Losing a loved one can be devastating, shocking, and traumatic. Between navigating the grief, funeral and legal expenses, the period may overburden you. A little help with one of these aspects may go a long way in helping you navigate the grief. A successful wrongful death lawsuit may also be the closure you need to go through the healing process.

Below are some instances when you should get a wrongful death attorney.

1. Medical Malpractice

Although medical practitioners are good at what they do, there are some instances where their actions cause the death of a patient. The attorney asks critical questions that prove negligence to the medical standards that guide care delivery in a hospital setup. The presence of an impartial expert medical professional provides the necessary information that answers these critical questions.

A wrongful death attorney uses the facts from your case to give an accurate verdict on the claim’s validity.

2. Car Accidents Caused by Negligent Actions

A car accident has the potential to cause loss of life, disability, or permanent injuries. Filing a wrongful death suit for an accident caused by speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, distracted driving, and other driving errors by the driver, is justified. Hiring an wrongful death attorney will help prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was negligence from the driver that led to the accident.

3. Work Accidents

Employers have the responsibility of ensuring employees work in a safe environment. However, employees may be involved in workplace accidents, such as manufacturing accidents and railroad worker injuries. The employee can then sue the employer for failing to provide a safe working environment which is presumed to have led to the injury or death of the employee.

4. Product Liability Instances

Apart from ensuring the safety of their employees, manufacturers also have to oversee that the products they manufacture are safe for the users. These users hold the manufacturers responsible for the injuries, poisoning, and harmful side effects they experience following interaction with their products. 

When the manufacturer fails to declare toxic substances on the product, and the lawyer proves that death or injuries were after using the product, the client is eligible to sue for wrongful death. Death can occur for a multitude of other reasons surrounding product liability, such as being explosive, directly causing cancer without proper labelling, or simply malfunctioning, leading to an accident.

5. Unsupervised Drowning Incidents

Underaged children may slip and drown in the pool while playing. A caretaker is responsible for taking care of the minor. Toddlers drowning in a pool may suffer brain damage, hypothermia, pneumonia, and death. You can sue the caretaker for their failure to undertake their care responsibility that led to the death or injury of the toddler.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Representatives and family members of the deceased or survivors can present the wrongful death claims. They prove a failure to care and act on behalf of the survivor or dead, leading to injury or death. Filing for a wrongful death claim helps the plaintiff get the necessary compensation to offset medical and funeral expenses that the deceased or survivors incur.

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