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Every sexually active person wants to be impressive in the bedroom. No one wants to settle for mediocrity. So, if you’re striving to be a rock star, you’re certainly not alone. Female sexuality can be tricky depending on the woman. Men’s arousal rate and response are pretty straightforward, but getting the “go ahead” from a woman and then being able to create a pleasurable experience for her throughout, can be very touch-and-go.

Society puts up a lot of boundaries when it comes to sex, and not just for women. Unrealistic expectations are also put on men to be “great” at sex without any formal education on how to have it, much less make it a wonderful experience. If you’re feeling lackluster in the bedroom, don’t sweat it. Here are five ways that you can impress a woman in bed.

Talk to an expert.

There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. Caitlin V Neal is a professional sex coach for men. She has studied sexuality and public health at the highly revered IU University in hopes to help people better their sexual health. If you’re feeling nervous about seeking professional advice on something considered taboo, Caitlin V strives to destigmatize sex, reducing anxiety and shame in the bedroom, which will allow you to perform better than ever before. She promises to help you last longer, stay harder, unleash your partner’s desires, and most importantly find complete confidence in the bedroom. You might even find you’ve got more swagger in other areas of your life, like your career.

You’re the key to your own sexual prowess. By recruiting Caitlin V Neal as a sexual coach, you can unlock your full potential in the bedroom. As an expert in her field, she has helped over twenty million men all over the world with her Youtube channel. Sexuality doesn’t need to be shrouded in secrecy. Caitlin V can give you straightforward methods that are sure to inspire you and leave your partner coming back for more.

Communication is key.

Sex can be difficult to talk about. Even with a trusted partner, like a wife. Have you ever actually asked what your partner enjoys? Don’t just assume you know. If you start an open, judgment-free conversation, you might be delightfully surprised by something you didn’t know she liked. Yes, sex is exciting when it’s spontaneous, but laying the groundwork for that spontaneity can be the difference between following through with that moment and having it end in a flop. She will be grateful that you cared enough to ask, even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

Play the long game.

In order to be incredible in bed, depending on the woman, you might need to start the flirtation a little early. Anticipation is a key ingredient in great sex. You want her to want you. If sex used to be great in the past, take time to consider what you did leading up to that moment. Were you going on dates? Were you sending titillating text messages? If done correctly, the lead up can be as exciting as the actual event.

Introduce something specifically for her.

If you’re willing to use sex toys, consider whether any of them are made specifically for her. Many couples have vibrators that are great for both men and women, but that might not really be enough for her. Do a little research, and as long as she’s open to it, introduce a toy that’s just for her.

Straighten up the house.

You might think this is a joke, but household and family stressors can really diminish a woman’s ability to enjoy herself. Where’s the romance when there’s dirty laundry strewn all over the floor or the bed is unmade. Outside of your bedroom, she might be thinking about dirty dishes that have piled up or where she’s going to find childcare last minute. Take some responsibilities off of her plate, so she’s open to you impressing her in bed.

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