Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Why You Should Choose Slavic Hair Extensions

If you are looking for the best material for hair extensions, try Slavic hair. You will not exchange them for anything else!

This is the new level of comfort, beauty and care for your hair that every girl dreams of!

  1. A perfect choice for women with fine and soft hair structure 

Slavic hair — this is a real catch for those customers whose natural hair texture does not allow them to perform extensions using thick, dense strands.

This material is much more behaving than Russian and European hair. It is softer, silkier and more comfortable in wearing. 

Also, this type of hair extensions is very light and does not create undue stress on the roots, so you don’t have to worry about hurting the natural hair.

  1. Absolutely safe

The source material is taken from a single donor, the hair isn’t processed with silicone or any other kind of chemical processing, free from dyes, perms, bleaches and hard washes.

Each bundle is unique, so you get a quality and comfortable-to-wear material!

  1. Natural colours

Virgin Slavic hair is a natural-coloured undyed baby hair. You can buy bundles of light and dark shades, chocolate, black, etc. 

It’s rare, but here you can find a natural blonde.

Note: each time you get a bundle of hair that is absolutely unique in weight, length and color!

If required, you can have it dyed or toned!

  1. Any hair structure

Here you can buy both completely straight strands, as well as wavy or curly hair.

  1. An appropriate length for you

In this category, hair is represented mainly by tails from 30 to 70 cm long. Longer strands are difficult to find due to their soft and silky texture.

  1. Natural look

Your hair has never looked so natural! 

Due to the natural shades and structure identical to our native hair, you can do hair extensions that will look very natural. No one will ever know!

  1. Long lifespan

If maintained right Slavic hair extensions can be used for up to 12 months. 

If you want to buy 100% human Slavic hair, visit the I Love Slavic Hair online store. 

It is a Canadian company with its warehouse and source material assembly points throughout Ukraine and Russia, which can offer you the best material for extensions.

You will no longer have to spend your time and money searching for proven suppliers – top hairstylists from Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, etc.), as well as the USA, Australia and UK, work with the products of this hair extensions brand! 

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