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hospital grade blood pressure machine

Hypertension or high blood is a condition wherein the force of a person’s blood exerts a great deal of pressure on the walls of a blood vessel. If this condition is not controlled,it might lead to more severe conditions.If you have this condition,and you want to control it, you should have the right equipment. Here are 7 Things to have at home if you have hypertension. 

1.Blood Pressure Monitor

If you have high blood pressure, you will need to constantly monitor your blood pressure as much as possible. Remember that all it takes is a little bit of carelessness, and you might suffer a stroke out of nowhere. One of the best ways to monitor your blood pressure, is to use a blood pressure monitor. 

A blood pressure monitor or sphygmomanometer is a specially designed device that measures your blood pressure. If you are looking for the best monitors in the market, you should contact Raycome. It is a company that specializes in creating hospital grade blood pressure machine options, and they have a wide assortment of top-quality blood pressure monitors for you to choose from. 

2.Emergency Watch

If you have hypertension, you should have a means to contact help, at a moment’s notice. This is especially important if you are away from home, and nobody knows where you are.  For example, you are going out for a run.

 If you are going to do something strenuous, and you will be away from home, it is very important that you have an emergency watch with you at all times. These watches are specially designed to contact a specific number should you press an emergency button. Most of these watches also have a GPS tracker, that will help your contacts find you. These emergency features are particularly useful, because if you are getting a stroke, you won’t have the time to open up your phone, scroll through your numbers and call for help. 

By having an emergency watch, you will be able to go about your life without fear of not being able to get help in times of emergencies.

3. Wrist Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor

While the emergency watch is your main means of getting help, your wrist mounted blood pressure monitor is your main means of keeping track of your blood pressure. This tool  is best paired with your emergency watch. The main difference between the blood pressure monitor and the wrist mounted one,is that the wrist mounted one could be attached to your wrist, so you could check your blood pressure constantly. The only set back is that it is not as accurate as the traditional blood pressure monitors. 

4.Blood Pressure Medicine

One of the most effective ways to regulate your blood pressure is by using blood pressure medicine. If you suspect that you have hypertension, it is important that you have a thorough check up. The doctor will usually have you take a blood test. This is an efficient way for them to make sure whether you have hypertension or not. If the results do confirm that you have high blood pressure, then you will have to take blood pressure medication. You will have to take them on a daily basis. If you fail to take them regularly, then your blood pressure might get too high and lead you to develop even worse conditions. 

As a rule it is important that you have a medicine box and buy your blood pressure medicine in bulk. They are usually affordable. It might feel like a hassle to take medicine every day, however, it is better than suffering from heart ailments later in life.

5. Oxygen Tank

According to some studies, overnight supplemental oxygen treatments could help decrease blood pressure in people with sleep apnea. As a rule it is better that you have an oxygen tank at home, remember that the very first thing that hypertension will trigger is your ability to breath. As a precaution, it is best that you keep an oxygen tank by your bedside. If you have any difficulty breathing at night, you will at least have your oxygen ready to stabilize your breathing.

6. Stethoscope

When you use a blood pressure monitor, you usually pair it with a stethoscope. While the blood pressure monitor is used to keep track of the blood pressure levels, the stethoscope is used to keep track of any irregularities in the patient’s heart beat. While you could use the stethoscope by yourself, effectively enough, it is best that you have a registered medical professional take your blood pressure. This will ensure that your readings are as efficient as possible.

7. Defibrillator

No matter how careful you are with your condition, there is still a danger of a stroke or worse, a heart attack occurring. During these kinds of predicaments, it is imperative that you have a defibrillator ready. Defibrillators are powered pads that are designed to send an electric jolt. They are specially made for people with a slower than usual heartbeat. They are also perfect for hypertensive people who are suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. When you store the defibrillator at home, it is important that you keep them charged at all times. Remember that a stroke or heart attack could occur at any time, so it is imperative that you are as prepared as possible.


If you are suffering from hypertension, it is important you know how to control it. Remember that if you don’t take the right steps, and have the right tools at home, it might lead to more severe heath conditions. By having these key pieces of equipment at home,you’ll be able to properly control your hypertension.

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