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Optimizing Your Basement Space

If you have extra space in your basement, it is a good idea to spruce it up, and make it more than just a storage space. You could add rooms there and make it a part of your living space. Before you start the construction process, you should have a set strategy. Here are seven tips for optimizing your basement space.

  1. Have A Set Plan

Before you start building your basement living space, it is important that you have a set plan. The worst thing you could do is to start the work without a clear-cut plan. Remember that you will be putting in a good amount of money into remaking your basement space, so it is imperative that you know what you are doing

It is a good idea to check with an architect, and ask him or her about how to effectively plan out your basement space. You could also check with websites such as guyabouthome on basement planning tips.

  • Double Check Your Wiring

When it comes to renovating your basement space it is important that you double check your wiring. Remember that wiring is very unpredictable, and even the slightest fraying or misalignment could be dangerous for you.

Before you start working on the basement, it is a good idea to have an electrician look through your wiring, and have him or her make sure that everything is up to code. It is also a good idea to replace any of the old wiring that you could find. Remember that old wiring is a lot more likely to get damaged, and could start a fire.

  • Check For Leaks

Remember that the basement is located below ground, so it is very easy for liquid from the lawn to seep through to your basement. As a rule, you should check your walls if there are any possible cracks or gaps that water or dirt could pass through. Make it a habit to check for any leaks, and have them filled as soon as possible.

  • Inspect Your Ventilation

One of the most dangerous aspects of staying in a basement is the danger of faulty ventilation. If your ventilation is faulty in any way, there is a chance that you and anyone staying in the basement might suffer from dirty air. Remember that the ventilation is meant to keep the air clean, and keep a constant airflow in your basement. Make it a habit to clean your ventilation at least once a month.

If you notice a foul smell emanating from the ventilation shaft, you should check it right away. The shaft might have gotten clogged, damaged, or a wild animal might have crept up there and died. This is a common occurrence, which means you should be vigilant when it comes to keeping it clean.

Aside from keeping your ventilation clean, you could also invest in an air purifier to purify the foul smell and ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean.

  • Check On Your Pipe And Valve System

Remember that a house’s pipe system is very complicated, and if you start on your renovation without thoroughly checking it, you might damage a gas or sewage line.

As a rule, you should have a plumber check for any pipes that could potentially get damaged during the renovation process.  If your pipes and valves are old and outdated, you should have them replaced. Remember that a damaged pipeline is very dangerous, and could lead to a lot of accidents in the process.

The valves are particularly important because they control the pressure of your pipes, and a faulty valve could lead to the pipes bursting open. If you want top quality valves, you should check out SIO. It is a specialized company that sells block and bleed valves and other valve options.

  • Invest In Pest Control

One of the most damaging aspects of maintaining a basement is the number of pests that accumulate. Remember that pests are usually very good at hiding themselves. There are many types of pests that you should take note of. Rats and mice are very common and they tend to live in the walls and under the flooring. They are a hazard because they gnaw on the walls and make nests. They also steal food , destroy furniture and may even carry diseases.

Insects such as cockroaches and ants are also very damaging, because they could slowly deteriorate your basement’s foundations. The worst kind of infestation though, is a termite infestation because they could slowly destroy your walls, and any kind of structure that is made of wood. 

  • Invest In Good Quality Flooring

When it comes to renovating your basement space, it is always a good idea to invest in your flooring. This is especially true if your flooring was already damaged or out of fashion. When it comes to your choice of flooring, it all really depends on your preference. You could invest in marble tiles or wooden ones. You could also install tatami mats or carpets on the floor. 

There is a chance that water could seep through during rainy days,so it is also a good idea to reinforce the floor with planks for an elevated floor.

  • Lighting Is Key

The basement is situated below ground, so it is imperative that you invest in quality lighting for the renovation. Remember that good quality lighting could really enhance your basement’s overall ambiance. Your choice of lighting really depends on you, and the type of lights that you prefer. However, from a practical standpoint, you should choose LED lightsif you want a more versatile and dependable light source.


If you are going to work on your basement space, it is important that you have a set plan. By following these tips, you’ll be able to optimize your basement space.

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