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Chole Bhature is a very tasty and wonderful dish. People who like Chole Bhature eat it by licking their fingers. This is a very famous dish. It is also very easy to make.

Taste- The taste of Chole Bhatura is very spicy, tasty, soft, and crisp. Eating it is something else. Chole Bhature Street food is the best breakfast and lunch.

Famous- This Chole Bhature is a Punjabi dish but now it is liked everywhere. Chole Bhature everybody likes to eat with great passion.

Occasion- Chole Bhature is the pride of every party. Be it any function or a birthday party, Bhature adds glory to your party. If you want, you can also make it in the afternoon and dinner.

Chole Bhature is a very tasty dish in Punjabi Dhabas, but you can make it as delicious and wonderful as you like. So what should be the time to gather the material and it will start. We have brought you an easy method. Follow the recipe given below and make everyone delicious delicious Bhatura and please everyone.

Time to make Chole Bhature

It takes 1 hour to make chickpeas. It takes 30 minutes to prepare.

According to the members

This Chole Bhature is sufficient for 4 members according to the quantity of the given method.

Some special tips about Chole Bhatura

  • While making Chole Bhature, you should take care not to knead the flour with very cold water. Always use lukewarm water to knead the refined flour. By doing this your flour will become soft and you will get easy to make bhatura.
  • You can also use small gram, black gram or kabuli gram according to your choice to make chickpeas bhatura. With this, anyone who likes gram can consume it and double the taste of their chickpeas.
  • You can also grind fresh and standing spices at home instead of market spices in Chole Bhatura. By doing this, your chickpeas will have a different and tastier taste in bhatura and you will also enjoy eating.
  • You can use food color to thicken the color of chickpeas, or you can also use tea strip water, it will also thicken the color of your cheeks and they will be attracted to look.

How to serve Chole Bhatura?

  • Chole bhature can be served as breakfast or dinner in the morning and enjoy the taste of it yourself and make everyone happy. The real fun of Chole Bhatura is to eat it according to your own will and mood.
  • Chole bhature should always be consumed hot. Because the bhatura becomes hard after cooling and the food neither tastes nor tastes. That is why whenever you leave the mood to eat, the survey only by making bhatura hot.
  • You can also survey Chole Bhatura with Lassi or Buttermilk, this will not only double the taste of Chole Bhatura and will also benefit your health a lot.
  • To make Chole Bhatura, always use good oil or ghee. By making it in old or useless oil, your chickpeas will become tasteless and at the same time no one will like them and your hard work will also be spoiled.

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