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The speaker market is massive, with options from hundreds of brands and a never-ending stream of options. Speakers are a big part of our digital experience, in all their different forms they are around us throughout our day. From our smartphone to the car, to headphones we carry along with us.

A lot of the well-known brands cost a lot, to have wider access for the speakers that aid our daily life there are brands that make products of decent quality within a friendly budget. This allows for more people to have access to good sound that will make their music or movie experience better. Coming in at a similar level are 2 brands that are in a similar budget range with similar build qualities; namely Audionic and XPOD.

Audionic is a Pakistani brand that has its products made in China. With a host of different designs in their different categories. The kinds of speakers Audionic makes include mini-speakers, multimedia speakers, docks, home theatre systems and portable speakers that are of the larger variety as you can check Audionic speaker price and collections here. Their speakers have multiple ways to connect your devices including Bluetooth and AUX. With some models they can be connected through a USB connection to the computer or also have a slot for an SD card. The SD card slot allows the speakers to play media directly off the card.

The speakers also come with lights if one wants some extras, the lights play along with the music. They would make for great ambiance in the room if one had friends over. The larger portable speakers also come with a mic, in case one has a karaoke night with their friends. The home theatre systems vary from 2 speaker towers to multiple smaller pods that can be spread out. They also have a soundbar that can go under the TV. The variations are endless, some speakers are just 2 units some have a separate subwoofer; others are a full 5.1 surround sound set up.

XPOD is also a local brand with production in China, their range is a little more limited than the Audionic catalog. With similar types of speakers though, the variety includes mini-speakers, multimedia speakers, home theatre systems and the larger portable speakers too. There are options for a 2.1 or a 5.1 sound system.

The 2.1 has 2 speakers and a subwoofer and the 5.1 has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, the multiple speakers let you spread out the sound to have a more comprehensive soundscape, especially with the 5.1. Some of the systems have a simple 3.5mm audio input so you can connect nearly anything that can use that jack, others have Bluetooth connectivity and even direct play from a USB or SD card. Which all makes it so easy to connect and let the music jam out. There is a small range of portable sized Bluetooth speakers as well, with a few different funky shapes.

Both brands have lots of different designs, mostly in black. The designs are either simple lines or the more fancy ones that feel like they belong in a futuristic environment. The brands also have variations that have remotes along with them so one can change the settings on their speakers from the comfort of their chair or couch.

The prices vary a little but are in a similar range for similar products. Audionic having more range might have some more options that are at a higher price than their XPOD counterparts. But overall the sound quality for both is decent and the prices nominal, making them accessible and adding to one’s lifestyle. Which of the two brands you choose to purchase is a matter of the features needed, the design you like better or is better suited for your home/office and most importantly the price point that works for you.

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