Fri. Feb 9th, 2024
Best Selfie Ideas

Most teenagers and young people entertain themselves with a new trend in photography –absorbing best selfie techniques. What is Selfie? Let’s just say self-portrait. The truth is, in a nutshell. In a classic self-portrait, it is not always understood whether the photographer took it himself or someone assisted him. Selfie is a clear self-portrait, whose image shows that the author of the film took a picture of himself.

All of you should remember that good lighting is an integral element of a picture and selfie is no exception to this rule. Before clicking on the snapshot button, select the area where there is enough light. Also, take a look at the sun or the light source, slightly above your front and eye level, and not behind your shoulders directly into the camera.

Here are some best selfie techniques that help you clicking best photo:


Any best selfie techniques depend on the light. Good light not only looks good on flowers, it also masks the flaws: Smooth skin tone, brighter than eyes, softens facial features. The best light is the soft diffused daylight. In the evening, you can use additional illumination which brings the conditions closer to natural. Avoid yellow artificial light if you want a cool selfie.

How to shoot a portrait: The source of light should be located in front of the eye. If the sun shines through the lens, nothing good will come of it. If you’re still a fan of photography in the dark, the presence of the flash with the front camera won’t hurt.

Try taking a selfie with the original camera – you’ll get better pictures. To do this, you can use a timer, cord or mirror. However, if you photograph your mirror with a flash, you will find some distortion in the photo and the photo.


Describing how to properly lift a selfie, the instruction cannot bypass the main subject of the photo – the face. Since the shooting is close-up, you should take care of your own look. This does not mean that boys must finish their hair and girls should apply a ton of “plaster”: there is nothing better than natural beauty. To take selfies properly, it’s important to know one more detail: The bright light makes the face of the frame a bit flat. Therefore, let’s say brighter than everyday makeup: you can make your eyes look more vibrant and highlight your cheeks.


The question of how to pick a cool selfie is more important than the appearance, and it is the facial expression. Beauty is not just a physical concept, but a behavioral concept. And, whether a selfie will be attractive depends largely on your sincerity. Therefore, fill your eyes with feelings, shine on a smile, laugh with a heart and you will have the best selfie techniques.


So all the recommendations were implemented, Selfie was successful, but there are some hostile things against the background. Say, no noise in the house, a friend who has the talent to spoil photos, random neighbors bursting in the frame or some other interesting occasional events can go hand in hand, but if we talk about how to pick a selfie, whether your background is appropriate? That should be for sure. The best selfie techniques are obtained against the backdrop of nature, architecture, beautiful interiors and unusual events. We’ve met a star – you can’t help but pick up a selfie, get together with friends – a lot more if you really want to post something new about yourself – take pictures, but be sure to look around.

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