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Thermals, this is the word that we hear if one is going for a vacation to a cold country or when the winter is about to begin. Thermals are an extra layer of dress worn in the colds to protect one from the temperature drops. Many factors are affecting the quality of thermals, this shows some of the factors and also some of the quality brands of thermal wear for women.

Factors to consider when choosing your thermals

  • Material

The materials for thermal wear for women are mainly classified into two categories natural and artificial

The natural materials include wool, silk, angora wool, merino wool and sheep’s wool. These materials are the perfect material to be used in areas with moderate to medium cold weather conditions.

The synthetic materials like nylon, elastane and acrylic are great insulators and are used to make thermals for extreme weather conditions. These materials provide complete insulation for a body and are used in extreme weather conditions.

  • Moisture Regulation

Regulating the moisture content between the thermal and the skin plays a great role in temperature control. If the moisture exceeds a certain level, this can lead to easy transfer of heat between the layers so it is better to control which material is being used. This humidity level is different for different temperatures, even a slight mistake in this category can have drastic results.

  • No of layers

Multiple layers tend to have more isolative power compared to single-layered fabric. Multiple layers are excellent for extreme conditions while the single or doubled layered thermals are preferred for low to moderate cold.

  • Color of the fabric

Lighter colors tend to reflect 90% of the light it comes in contact with this also applies for the heat, so these are usually not used during the extreme colds while darker colors are preferred as they absorb more than 70% of the light and heat it touches.

  • Fitness

Thermal wear for women are needed to be fit and snugly to wear, while not being skin-tight. The chosen size must not affect the user in any way and should not decrease the productivity of the user. It is also to recommend choosing a smaller size as it usually expand with use,and can be uncomfortable. It is also recommended to select fabrics that do not expand after extensive uses.

  • Breathable

Porous materials allow the water content to escape; the heating property of a thermal is dependent on the moisture content present. The more moisture a fabric holds means it can provide high heat, but for a short time, the less moisture means less heat, but that heat will last for a very long time

  • Thermo-physiological comfort:

It is the comfort gained when all the above properties are in the correct level for the region, and the thermal selected will not cause any reduction in the working capacity of the user and is satisfactory to the user

  • Aesthetics:

This is how a person feels for a dress; this is completely dependent on the mind of a person as they are ones choosing a brand and design that they will wear.

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