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A mobile phone is one of the vast technology emerges in the last decade with the advance technology are used over it. Every mobile is assembling with the new technology for impressing their customer also to build the customer in million around the world. To sustain in the global market they need to come up with the latest technology where others do not use on the other mobiles on it. With lots of mobiles are introduces with the latest technology everyone confused about which mobile to get on the market. Also, get confused which suits their usage. To overcome this type of confusion you can view the tech gossip YouTube channel on it.  To full fill, the customer needs on various demands the mobile manufacturing company develops more options that are used in more numbers.

Whenever a new mobile company used to introduce a new type of mobile on the market the YouTube channel gets the mobile and gives an in-depth type of reviews on it. The YouTube channel represents the Mr. phone and Govind Bisht both of them discuss the latest technology used on the mobile and give the exact foam of trustable reviews for the subscriber and the viewer. By this, they get many million subscribers on the channel, this time they come with the latest smartphone which is redmi note 9 pro the mobile comes with high-level processing functionality for make the mobile to perform smoother enough. They come with comparison redmi note 9 pro vs poco m2 pro where many people are eager to get exact and which is better for their daily usage.

The comparison video between m2 pro vs note 9 pro which is come to be a better choice for everyone and its build quality is with the same as functionality on the display size over it. The high-quality display screen gives with the high refreshing rate for a smoother experience for it. Both mobiles go under many forms of the testing process over different conditions over it. The company builds the mobile poco m2 pro vs redmi note 9 pro speed test to high speed and it should be effective in customer’s hands. The outer shape is super smooth to handle and also compact to hand both hands as well as in a pocket. With different colors, you can choose the best variant with high memory storage over it. From the basic variant to high variant you can get the better choice of color and high speed with more storage on it. The comparison gives the max setting with all conditions over its.

During the pandemic times, everyone stays home and want to spend their time in a better way and give the choice and make their time to be a better way over it. The video also discusses the ludo game where it becomes the latest and high million downloads on the play store. People find the games are friendlier and also give the better choice to be in touch with their friends to play on. The game is simple and effective for the user to play the game without any king any lag over it. The ludo game can be a play on both mobiles with smoother experiences on it.

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