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I am sure that when you were growing up, you were told about the importance of going to a university by both your parents and your teachers. You may have faced difficulty in convincing them about your decision due to the aspect of the generation gap. However, things have changed drastically since they were of your age with everything moving towards digital use when compared to the previous eras. Education has also adapted to the digital world with various degrees being offered online and you also have to give your exams online too. You can now enroll in MBA online programs and achieve your degree with relative ease and would not have to worry about having your studies disrupted due to the time spent on traveling to the campus to attend lectures. Despite its numerous advantages, one of the burning questions that students have in mind is whether they will be able to get a job when they step out in the practical world. Even though you may secure high marks in your online exams, the effort that you put would seem pointless if you cannot get a job that you desire. Although there is not a set procedure to know whether every employer will consider your online degree with the same reverence that they will have for a traditional degree but we should look at some of the procedures which are mentioned below.

  1. Be aware of the reliability of your degree:

If you want your degree to be treated with the same respect that a traditional degree is given, you should ensure that it is provided by a reliable institute. The main advantage that traditional degrees have is that they are acquired from a reputable university which provides a guarantee about the skill set of the individual looking for a job. Before applying for the online courses, you should take a look at the institute that is providing you with the degree. There are several ways you can confirm that since many countries provide a list of educational institutes that are known for their educational expertise and you can check whether the institute is on the list. After ensuring the credibility of the institution, you can check whether the programs that they are offering have any scope within the job market that you want to be a part of since employees treat these cases seriously and are aware of those degrees which do not have any importance under the current job scenario.

  1. Other details that you can tell your employers about your education experience:

Although credibility is a primary condition which every employer would look at, there are other things that they would also consider before deciding to hire you. One of the factors which every employer would look at is the length of your degree. If it is too short such as being less than a year, it will raise questions about the reliability of your program which may cause you problems when seeking jobs. Other things such as access to counselors, fee structure, and the number of credit hours that you have to complete also play a huge role since all of these things are already covered by a traditional degree failing to meet them will be a concern for your employers.

  1. The type of job you are seeking:

Although your degree would provide you with the skills to get expertise within your field other factors are involved too. For example, an online degree will provide you with the knowledge to conduct surgeries but the chances of you going straight to the operation theatre are remote without you receiving any practical experience. The point that is made is that if you are looking to get a good job with an online degree, you should plan to get a job where your online degree is considered to be on par with a traditional degree. You can consider applying for programs such as liberal arts or social science where online degrees are considered to be equal to traditional degrees since there is little difference between the curriculums. However, for jobs that seek practical expertise, online degrees would not take you far since despite knowing how an airplane operates, it is unlikely that any company will hire you to be an aeronautical engineer without you providing them with the proof of working somewhere before.

  1. Your employer is not aware of your online degree:

Although the chances of it happening are bleak, let’s say that during an interview your employer asks you that he is not familiar with an online degree. Although this situation sounds too hilarious to be true some people are working at the corporate level who are yet not familiar with the importance of online programs. In such a situation, even if you explain to them about the value of your online degree and mention the institution from where you achieved it, bias will likely occur from the perspective of the interviewer. Since he is not aware of your degree, either he does not care what you have to tell him or is embarrassed and would hire someone else who is similar to him and possesses a traditional degree.

  1. The level of your degree:

The next thing that needs to be considered is the level of the degree which you have. Many employers care more about the level of the degree that you have instead of looking at whether it was acquired online. For example, many people working at the corporate level tend to get their M Phil or Ph.D. online since they do not have the time to go and attend lectures at the local university. In such cases, online degrees do not face such issues since they are seeking higher-level degrees but at a lower level, these degrees can limit the career opportunities that would have come your way if you had a traditional degree with you.


Although employers are aware of the importance of online education since many of the training courses which the employees have to go through are online but you should also know the right way to present your education so that you can get the dream job that you dreamt about. You should mention the tangible skills that you acquired when you were studying for your degrees such as any programming skill or project management skill. Make sure that when giving an interview, you should keep your educational qualifications simple and there is no need for overstating anything and focus more on the skills which you acquired and which provided you with the knowledge about the industry.

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