Fri. Feb 2nd, 2024
Employment VS Education

To get a job — you need to have experience. And to get experience — you need to work. Thus, some students are looking for work in order to get the opportunity to continue the education, others dream of independence from their parents, want to prove that they can achieve something, to gain invaluable experience in the chosen field. But, as often happens, dreams crash against the harsh reality of life. How can a student fully study with a busy work schedule? Is it possible to find a balance between work and study? Or is it better to choose between employment and education? The answers are below.

Have time to do everything

Learning and working in parallel is very difficult. Life is gaining such rapid speed that you have to sacrifice communication with family, personal life and entertainment. On the other hand, personal money, independence, self-confidence and invaluable experience in the chosen field appear. It is ideally, if the field of activity coincides with the specialty at the university, so there is a wonderful perspective of further growth and development. After analyzing all the pros and cons, young people are inclined to find a job that is compatible with their studies. And this is the right decision.

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How to find a balance between employment and education?

Recommendations that will allow you to combine work and study are represented below.

Search and search again

Not all work involves a schedule from 9:00 to 18:00. There are many part-time employment options, with flexible hours or remotely. Most often, students work at a job with a flexible schedule or part-time: promoter, freelancer, courier, call center operator, sales manager, consultant, cashier, seller, diverse assistant, copywriter, SMM specialist, etc. Thus, if the schedule allows, then it is quite possible to combine study with work.

Free attendance

Correspondence students can easily combine study and work since they have a session only 2 times a year. Full-time students feel more difficult in this situation. There are no variants here —either to constantly skip pairs, which leads to expulsion from the university, or to arrange a free visit in the dean’s office. The document for a free visit must contain the signatures of all your teachers, and you need to get them before the start of the semester.

Keep in touch with classmates

Friendly relations with classmates will help to stay informed about active student life. Now there are lots of ways to make friends online, for example, to create a group in the messenger where you can exchange university news, information on current exams, useful information about studies, screenshots of abstracts, ask for advice from each other, etc.

Communicate personally with each teacher

Having a “free visit” document is good, but no one has canceled human relations. You should communicate with each tutor and explain your situation — that a good job has appeared, where you can gain valuable experience, this is a chance to develop and grow, but you must promise to devote time to study because you understand its importance. Be extremely polite in the conversation and show all your sensitivity.

Do not wait for retake exams

For working students, this advice is critical. Do not delay the passing of tests and exams at the end of the semester or until retake. For each test and exam, you need to get an admission, it consists of a number of accepted tasks, term papers, and laboratory.

Therefore, more and more young people choose the path of a working student, and here it is important to really assess your capabilities because it will definitely not be easy. This is one of those opportunities that will radically change your life, allow you to believe in yourself, your knowledge and skills, and also feel the full power of your capabilities. Everything will work out.

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