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The next time you are out on your bike, you can get a quick, healthy of infusion of energy with a green juice. This beneficial drink might not always look so appetizing, but it is full of nutrients and vitamins that your body will love. You can buy one already made from your favorite establishment or make one at home and bring it out on the ride with you. It’s easy to find room on your electric beach cruiser and then enjoy your drink as you watch the sun come up over the water and sands. Everyone has different tastes, but cucumbers, kiwi and spinach are loaded with anti-oxidants and can even point the way to weight loss. The right green juice recipe will power your body throughout the morning, while your electric bike powers you along the inviting byways of your hometown.

Bikes and Great Food

When it comes to great combinations, a bicycle ride and some healthy food are made for each other. An active lifestyle will keep you feeling younger and allow you to do the things you love for longer. Electric bikes are one way to extend your bike riding fun for years and years. Here are a few ways an e bike helps you remain active without experiencing too much pain and discomfort:

  • Ergonomic bike frames that maximize comfort and fit
  • Electric motors that give you a boost when needed
  • Models designed for every person and purpose
  • Features such as throttle control and quality brakes
  • Power and range options for everyone

Complete the new you by passing that fast food shack and heading to a restaurant that serves interesting food that is good for your mind and body. While a green juice recipe is the ultimate in a healthy drink, you can also find other selections that benefit your well-being. Think salads and soups instead of burgers and fries. Or pack a picnic to take to the park as you enjoy the sunshine.

Bikes and a Good Fit

To get the most out of your bike, you need a perfect fit. By using the Body Fit tool, you can be confident you are ordering a bike that will feel good on your knees, shoulders, hands and back. By answering just a few questions, you can find electric bikes for short riders or bikes for a larger person. Electric bikes are available for both men and women and they come with features that increase your enjoyment as you feel the breeze on a nice day. It all begins with a soft, comfortable seat that will feel good even after an hour or more in the saddle. Upright handlebars make for a relaxing position to watch the world go by. Wider tires absorb the bumps in the ride and are less prone to flats.

With the right bike you can explore the world, or at least your neighborhood and community. With some healthy food, you will have the energy to take on the toughest hills; of course, you can always rely on your electric motor if necessary. Shop online now for the bike of your dreams.

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