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Both entrepreneurs and marketers love email for its affordability and high return on investment. Moreover, they can use this channel to communicate with customers and as a way to generate profit. So, depending on the specifics of the business, the ROI of email marketing varies from 3800% to 4000%. This means that each invested dollar can bring about 40 bucks in profit. Many experts can reproach us for idealizing the mailing tool, they say there are also costs. Yes, they are present here. But what if they can be minimized, and some costs even eliminated? Absolutely! Free bonuses include verification of your mailing list. All you need is to choose the best free email checker, and we will be happy to help you with this!

Yes, you can say that there is no such thing as free lunch. But, as far as email data validation services are concerned, this expression does not work. Since many premium software platforms provide services for free. And even if you connect a paid tariff plan, its conditions can be safely called preferential. Today we will look at such platforms and recommend one of the best ones.

Customer base validation: definition

Checking your customer list before starting an email campaign is a critical component of your email campaign success. Regular cleaning of the database is necessary to identify inactive, invalid, bogus, temporary, one-time accounts, spam traps, and other trash data. They all affect target conversions, including the deliverability of emails, sending speed, sender reputation, etc. Besides, filtering your customer base helps you cut your email marketing costs. With a clean subscriber list, you can save between $10 and $20 per year by removing just 1 invalid contact.

Many marketers ask the question:how can I test if an email address is valid while paying the minimum rate or doing it for free? Below we will talk about 10 services that provide such an opportunity. Also, the quality of their services, accuracy, and depth of verification are unrivaled.

TOP 10 free validators of the electronic subscriber base

Local software is in many ways inferior to interactive software, so the rating includes exclusively cloud services that carry outfree email check online:

  1. Proofy — can verify email for free. The loyalty program is provided for new users, who immediately after registration are given 500 free checks for verification. Also, participation in a special competition program can bring up to 100K for mass verification of the contact list. Among the advantages are simple functionality, the ability to integrate API, high accuracy (98.5%), efficiency (it takes only 45 minutes to check 100K).
  2. Kleber Email Verification — offers a 90-day free trial with a $50 balance. Works well with addresses of providers such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail. An excellent solution for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to integrate the validator into their corporate system or website.
  3. Bounceless — according to the assurances of the developer, this is the fastest verification service that verifies 600 accounts in 1 minute. But if we compare it with the same Proofy, which can check more than 2,200 addresses within the same timeframe, it turns out that Bounceless is disingenuous. However, this platform also has good qualities. The ability to work from the panel on the company’s website or by using the API function, which can be tested for free. Also, each new user is given 100 free checks.
  4. Email Hippo — a good option for mass verification of contacts. This service can quickly process up to 500K at a time. There is a free trial with 100 credits to test. The validation time for 50 accounts is 5 minutes.
  5. Experience Data Quality — the software offers real-time verification that can be tested up to 10 times for free. Supports major list formats for fast loading. There is a 30-day free trial with the ability to check up to 500 addresses without paying.
  6. NeverBounce — you can check only 5 addresses for free without registration, but the service offers a unique option. Its idea is in a preliminary assessment of the list of subscribers and a verdict on the need for validation. This function is free.
  7. PCA Predict — in addition to validating email addresses, it can verify phone numbers and geolocation data. The free trial version has 12 checks and 1 pound on the account. The API package provides up to 100 verifications.
  8. Email YoYo — 3 free checks for a single IP address. The development company claims that their product is better in terms of turnaround time and quality of service than its competitors. There is a 7-day free trial.
  9. Email-Checker — offers 2 checks per day for one IP address. The service does not always detect disposable accounts. Bulk verification assumes no more than 50K addresses in one file.
  10. Kickbox — has a modern and attractive user interface. The platform performs a bulk validation on its website and provides the ability to install advanced functionality by implementing an API. The free trial provides 100 credits to test. The time is 50 addresses in 5 minutes.

As you can see, there are more than enough services to check the validity of email address for free.This way you can choose exactly the platform that suits your business interests while saving on email marketing.

How many accounts can I check for free?

On average, email address validation services offer 100 to 200 validations for free. But some do not skimp and make generous offers. For example, the Proofy cloud service provides 500 free checks, and winning a competition held by the company can bring 100,000 checks for mass data verification. This bonus is equivalent to $150.

Choosing the best email verification service

Hopefully, after our review, you can see who is the favorite of the Best Free Validator party. To check the validity of emails, we recommend Proofy. This service rightfully deserves the title of premium. This is a combination of the high speed of work, excellent accuracy of the result, processing of huge amounts of information in real-time, and a favorable price offer with the ability to do checks for free. Click on the link above to makethe best free email checker your faithful assistant in creating effective marketing campaigns.

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