Sat. May 18th, 2024

Let’s talk about the online payment system debit card. Not every payment system allows issuing a card associated with your online account, but Genome allows. And this means that the owners of the online merchant account will be able to expand their financial operations, which will have a positive impact on their business. Well, we need to consider this in more detail.

What is Genome?

Let’s start with getting to know the platform. Most of the business owners interested in commerce, whether online or in a store, will need to set up a virtual bank online account, and not just an account in its traditional sense. Genome enables establishing an online account in a secure and timely manner.

With a Genome account, you can manage a business wallet, and start-up to 15 IBANs in several currencies: EUR, USD, and GBP. Furthermore, a Genome account enables account holders to make a currency convention and perform both internal and external transfers.

The Genome platform offers considerable benefits in the market of Europe since it allows bank online account users to oversee all of their money online, in a convenient way. Besides the foregoing, Genome provides, except for the eWallet, function debit cards via which expands business opportunities.

Debit card by Genome

Recently, Genome started issuing debit cards connected to the bank online account for company owners. We know Genome as the principal member of the Visa network, so these cards have the license. With this authorization, Genome’s service could offer not only debit cards but also eWallet virtual cards that could be bought through Genome’s website.

Business owners using the online account by Genome can now order multiple cards for corporate expenses. 

The main money security feature is that the business account holders can get the card with no cardholder’s information printed on it. This feature protects your money in case if:

● the card is lost;

● someone stole it;

However, for security purposes, all your data is stored only in the online account or in the Genome application.

Moreover, Genome offers 24-hour customer support to help solve any problems or get the information you want. In addition, full statistics on the movement of funds on the card are available to card users through the application.

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