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First Date


According to Handy, choosing the location for your first date can put a lot of pressure on you. After all, you have to make a solid first impression. That’s why people try to find the ideal spot to spend some together.

Where to go?

The location for your first date should be full of fun, comfortable for both of you and somewhere public as it will help you to become more trustworthy. Don’t try to make the date intimate. If you guys enjoy yourself, the moment will present itself on its own.

Here are some places to go on your first date –

  1. A beautiful park – Just visiting a beautiful park can be a good idea for a first date. You can get to know things about each other while taking a casual stroll or sit down at a bench. If the scenery of the park is pretty, it can arouse positive emotions inside your partner’s mind.

The best time to visit a park is early in the morning or in the evening when the sunlight is not intense and hot. If you are lucky, you may also be able to enjoy a cool breeze which can further brighten the mood.

  1. A museum – Visiting a museum can be a very fun experience. To make the perfect first impression, try to learn what your date is interested in and use that information to arrange a nice day. For eg, if your date loves science, take them to a science museum or if they like art, take them to an art museum. Everything inside a museum can be a good conversation starter. So, you don’t have to come up with topics to start a conversation.

If your date has never visited a museum before, they will like the experience even more as it will help them to expand their knowledge.

  1. A restaurant – This is a cliché, but it works. Almost 90% of the people who go out on their first date meet at a restaurant. Eating scrumptious food releases dopamine inside your body which helps to elevate your mood and evoke many positive emotions. If the atmosphere is soothing, you can get a perfect score as long as you behave like a gentleman.

So, try to choose a venue which plays romantic background music and has a courteous staff.

  1. An Amusement park – This is the perfect spot for adventure lovers who seek a thrilling environment but also give importance to safety. Amusement parks have many exciting rides which both of you can enjoy together. The rollercoaster of emotions both of you will feel while on a ride will not only help you guys to bond together but also help to form some great memories.

Final thoughts

Handy believes that in order to create a magical first date experience, you have to learn all you can about your date even before you meet them. The more information you have on your date, the more confident you will be. You can find out more about them and their likes and dislikes by checking their social media profiles or chatting with them. If you guys were introduced to each other via a mutual friend, you can take the advice of your friend.

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