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Reflux, a concept in medicine and pathological physiology, means the movement of the contents of the hollow organs in a direction opposite to the natural one. Reflux in infants is characterized by constant regurgitation of food. These benign regurgitation disappear spontaneously between 12 and 18 months of age, when the baby acquires the sitting position and when he learns to walk. But you should ask your pediatrician about it.

For children with this problem, there are special antireflux formulae designed to limit regurgitation in newborns. They are also called pre-thickened milk, you will find them in the pharmacy under the name HiPP Anti-reflux (AR). The antireflux formula is sure to include a thickening agent. This can be carob, rice starch, or corn starch.

An interesting feature is that formulas containing starch, thicken only on contact with stomach acidity. And formulas containing carob flour thicken after the bottle is heated. Anti-reflux milk formulas contain all the classic ingredients of infant formulas. And thanks to the special consistency, the formula stays in your baby’s stomach longer and helps avoid regurgitation of the formula.

HiPP Comfort

Another problem of infants is a sensitive tummy (flatulence, colic and constipation). There is a HiPP Comfort milk formula for the needs of these babies. It is specially formulated for ultra-sensitive intestinal microflora. It contains low-allergenic and deeply broken down protein, which is much better digested by the baby and at the same time makes it possible for a baby who is prone to allergies in addition to digestive disorders. Also, a special component is the probiotic culture of L. fermentum bacteria, which is part of breast milk and forms the normal intestinal microflora of the baby and supports a healthy digestion. Prebiotic contained in the formula supports the development of probiotics and the baby’s own intestinal microflora.

Comfort formula has a reduced lactose content, because some children with digestive problems do not absorb lactose very well, with the occurrence of intestinal colic and bloating.

Easily digestible fat (beta-palmitate), which is also part of the formula, whose structure is similar to the fatty acids in breast milk, helps loosen stools.

So, whatever problem your baby has, whether it’s reflux or a sensitive tummy, there’s always a solution. Consult your pediatrician and feel free to use Comfort or –źntireflux.

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