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Many people are working in the outstation because of the job and a good salary. But these people are having a lot of disappointment for not able to return home even for diwali holidays. Thus if the people who are working in the outstation want to go to their native place to celebrate diwali with family, it will be a more emotional and enjoyable one.  This is the celebration that comes once every year, and so you should not miss the chance to celebrate diwali 2020. You can do the diwali shopping in your home town and celebrate by lighting the diyas and exchanging the sweets with the neighbors and enjoying burning crackers. Instead of wasting your life in stressful work pressure, you can enjoy celebrating Diwali and make it more special and memorable.

How trendier is this Diwali celebration video?

Diwali is the only festival that is celebrated by the whole country on the same day. It will be more interesting as the people from the various states are celebrating the different kinds of culture. In this video, the 24 years old Naveen character is coming to his home town after two years. As he missed the last deepawali and also cannot able to take the time to visit their family members, this time is making the time for it. This will be a more surprising one for his family members, and they all got excited. Both his father and the mom are caring for his arrival and give a good honor. But still, his dad is not satisfied with his lack of responsibility and the lifestyle. So he is convincing him to take care of his business and stay in the native itself. Also, his mom’s dream is to make him get married and lead his own family and life. This has made some amount of jealousy for his sister Juhi as he is getting praised a lot.

After completing his Diwali occasion is going back to work. Thus all these things are portrayed in an excellent manner as the Alright Squad is the experienced one. These things are explained in humor, and so this diwali comedy video will be a trendier one. The last video that this youtube channel alright has posted is alright | single panti, which have gained millions of views. The parikshit joshi and purnendu bhattacharya have nailed the performance in this video, and so the diwali excitement is brought to the viewers.

How popular is this youtube channel?

The Alright is the popular channel that has posted a lot of the festival and the comical videos that have made the youngsters and the adults find more entertaining. This latest video has gained a more number of views in a limited time. The subscribers of filtercopy, dice media, timeliners, rvcj, hasley india should have to subscribe to this channel also. The video is explaining the reality of happy diwali 2020 for the distant workers who are missing their hometown. Among a lot of the viral videos 2020, this one is also included in the list. These kinds of trendy, humor, and entertaining videos are available for the viewers. Therefore it is worth being a subscriber of this channel.

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