Tue. Feb 6th, 2024
How to Catch the Public's Eye for Your Music

The music market is never going to be down, because people will always consume music. Music is part of the culture of the human being. The only care you need is to choose the music genre you like and work on it. It is important to know the music market that your genre is inserted.

The music business has made it clear that you don’t have to wait to put multiple songs together to record a track. Many artists today choose the strategy of releasing tracks to advance the upcoming albums. Explore new possibilities and keep your career active. In any case, if your intention is to live on music, I always recommend the constant release strategically, so that it catches the attention of the public and feeds your work as a whole.

I have selected 3 key attitudes, which serve as tips for launching a music track, which will greatly help you get organized and do “the thing you believe, the way you trust”. Come with me!

1- Register for online music entertainment platform

Even if your strategy is to make music available on your site, sound cloud, Youtube, or any other online platform of your choice, it does not eliminate the obligation to register on TME, an online music entertainment platform that digitally distributes your music. There are also several new ones on the market, which are worth researching, to evaluate better conditions.

No use running away! Your music should be present on streaming platforms, to be heard by your audience wherever they are, in whatever way they prefer.

2- Innovate!

Look for ways to get creative at launch! It is important to understand the best social network to promote your work, as well as to know well the profile of your audience and what may surprise you. Digitally distributing and publishing music on YouTube is within anyone’s reach and is part of what I usually call the “basic package.” You need to go beyond what is expected of an artist to release a track!

How about getting the audience involved in the music recording process? You can slowly generate curiosity, show the recordings, tell the story of the song and drop some excerpts. It is not easy to surprise at this time, but the “differential” factor is what will catch the attention of both fans and the media when it comes to publicizing your work.

3- Create a physical action plan

Not everything in life comes down to social networks and music is no different. The artist’s physical presence at concerts, events and interaction with the public is fundamental to the success of each work. When you decide to live on music, you need to take care of relationships and think every action to make your work stand out.

When we talk about creating a physical action plan, this includes short presentations in unexpected places, fan encounters (no matter how few people), radio presence (including faculty), and going to strategic places to talk about your work and invite people to meet. The strategy created for each album will depend on the song’s theme, career timing and also varies greatly depending on the artist’s personality, which needs to be reflected in each action.

Now it’s up to you! Don’t limit yourself by thinking that every action needs investment money.

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