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Perfect Flower Arrangement

Selecting the perfect flower arrangement for your mom on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, your Mother’s Day flower delivery can be quite simple if you do a little thinking before picking up the phone to place your Mother’s Day flower order. Before considering the perfect gift, start by deciding how you’ll design her arrangement and Mom will have a Mother’s Day to remember. If you can’t decide on the perfect flower arrangement for your mom on Mother’s Day, read on for some simple solutions and ideas.

Flowers by Color


What’s your mother’s favorite color? The perfect¬†Mother’s Day flower arrangement¬†could be as easy as asking the florist to select flowers in Mom’s favorite hue. With either flower in only that color or a range of colors, you’ll be well on your way to a flower arrangement she’ll love. When picking an arrangement by color, think about the glass vases, containers, baskets, or other receptacles the blooms will be delivered in. If you’ll be bringing the floral arrangement to Mom’s yourself, consider adding a bright ribbon in the same shade or a complementary one to the bouquet.

Bouquets by Theme


What’s your mother passionate about? Building an arrangement around a hobby, interest, theme, or something else is a great way to make your mom’s flower arrangement special. Maybe your mom is an LGBTQ+ advocate who has a love of all things rainbow. Ask the florist about rainbow roses. Perhaps Mom just won her battle with breast cancer. Consider pink roses to remind her of how proud you are.

When deciding on an arrangement by theme, think about a way to compliment your mom’s flowers with a gift. If your theme is sunflowers and harvest because October is Mom’s birth month or fall’s her favorite season, add the gift of maple syrup, hot chocolate, or something that reminds you of fall. The ideas are really limitless if you take the time to consider what Mom loves.

Floral Arrangements by Memories


Think back to your childhood or try to remember stories your mother’s told you from hers. Maybe she spent summers picking wildflowers by a meadow in her hometown. Perhaps her date forgot to bring her a carnation corsage for prom. If you can find a way to tie her flower arrangement to a story, funny memory, or something that lets her know you’ve been listening, she’ll be sure to love what you pick out. Instead of going with the most popular flowers, like lilies or daisies, try to think of blooms that will mean something more to Mom and send them with a personal message explaining why you picked them out.

Classics and Favorites


What’s your mother’s personality? Is she someone who loves a classic look or is she less traditional? Do you know her favorite flower? Thinking about Mom’s personal style could go a long way in helping you pick out the perfect bouquet. For mothers who like to keep it simple, go with classic carnations, a dozen roses, or daisies. For mothers who love adventure or are a little more eccentric, consider a mix bouquet, Asiatic lilies, or even eucalyptus.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll pick out a flower arrangement she won’t love. Whether you decide to try something a little different or you stick to the basics, including a personal message or the perfect gift will be exactly the way to make Mom smile. When you’ve made your decision on that perfect bouquet of flowers and are ready to give the florist a call, be sure to ask about Sunday delivery and to consider your options when it comes to how your flowers will make it to Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothers you love!

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