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Design Packaging Box

People nowadays focus more on their appearances and grooming. Whether it is professional or casual, an excellent up-to-date look is everyone’s favorite, and since eyes are the absolute game-changer, a lot of them invest in eyelashes. In the world of first impressions, eyes play an essential role in everyone’s appearance.

But do you think someone who believes in first impressions would buy an eyelash set if it is not packed correctly? A big no! So let’s look at a few things to consider while designing a packaging box for fake eyelashes. 

  1. Shape and size 

It is essential to know what kind of lashes you are packing. The lashes themselves could have different shapes, styles, and sizes, and one needs to pick a box that will suit the shape and size of the lashes. So make sure to get a variety of boxes to fit in all the different kinds of eyelashes. 

A few typical types of lashes produced anywhere include individual lashes, clusters, magnetic, and extensions. All of these types have different sizes of lashes with varying types of attachment. The box one chooses for these lashes needs to be tailored to each and every style. If you are confused about it, Starseed offers best eyelash packaging and you should give it a try. 

  • Box type

Make sure that the packaging box you choose has a good grip inside. The box should be perfect for including both eyelashes at the center of the box. Also, ensure that the box’s lid has extra space on the center from where the lashes could be seen. 

Do not go for packaging with lash pictures on the boxes. It is always easier for customers to trust and buy lashes once they have seen them for themselves. So you just have to select a box that will allow a clear view of the lashes and then seal it with a plastic sheet. That way, the customers get to see what they are buying, and your lashes remain entirely safe! 

  • Packaging type 

You have to decide what kind of materials you want to use for the packaging of your product. You can go for a double wrap where the top one could be packed completely and designed as per your wish, and inside is an open lid box, or just choose one with an open lid or a completely transparent box made out of plastic. There are different types of plastic that you can choose from, based on your preferences.

  • Hygiene first 

You would only be able to boast your product if you know that you have given your 100%. Hygiene is a highly essential part when packaging an eyelash set. While handling the eyelashes, one should always use tweezers or hand gloves. Touching eyelashes with bare hands is a complete no-no. 

If you do so, there are high chances that the lashes might get contaminated with micro bacteria. As you are packaging a product that will be placed on something as sensitive as an eye, it is mandated to take appropriate precautions. 

  • Decorate 

Just packing your lashes perfectly isn’t enough. What makes them stand out is the package decoration. Make sure that you use vibrant colors and catchy titles to catch the attention of buyers. You can also use funky designs and patterns, but what matters is making the packaging unique. 

Imagine your eyelash box lying between a thousand other brands. What will make the customer choose yours? What makes it ‘the one’? Take your time and come up with a unique design that resonates with your brand personality. 

  • Labeling  

If you produce different types of lashes, then consider naming the products rather than some robotic names like L-90, F-40, and so on. Give it a personalized touch and keep some standard names for your lashes, considering their sizes, shapes, and styles. Also, ensure that this name for each type of lash is visible on the front packaging. 

Sometimes, if a customer has used a particular type of lash and wants to get the exact one back, it becomes difficult because the boxes are obviously not with them and who remembers a random series of numbers? Give it a stylish name that will also help customers in finding their favorites again and again. 

  • Box design 

Designing your final box is a challenging task. The lid of the box is like the cover page of your brand. You need to curate it in accordance with it. Make sure that your box has a bright and visible logo of your brand to make it easier for customers to identify it. You can also put out a slogan or a catchy tagline that goes with your brand or the type of lashes specifically. 

  • Be creative 

You don’t need to stick to the regular designs that everybody knows. You can always invent something on your own. Who said the lashes need to be in a rectangle box? Why not heart-shaped? It’s all about your creativity. If you can give your personal touch to your brand, it is the best packaging you will get. 

Remember that you need to curate a design that will say ‘I’m the best’ when put up in comparison to other brands or cosmetics. 

Final words 

Packaging an eyelash box is just as crucial as being well-groomed for an interview. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate motive of packaging. When customers look at your packed product, they need to be able to see themselves in it and feel beautiful. When you enter the beauty industry, you need to maintain your standards in your own league. 

Every eyelash will look the same to a naked eye. The packaging is what sets all the brands differently. Make sure that you invest enough and create a fantastic first impression for your business with great packaging. It’s time to be creative!

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