Fri. Feb 2nd, 2024
Gain a Higher Perspective

There are some people who think differently. They think they have awoken from a long sleep. Some define it as coming out of a matrix where most of us are still entangled. This state is often referred to as gaining a higher perspective. 

While many educated people might think that they have a higher perspective, more often than not, they are just living in a superiority complex. While there is no certain way of knowing if you have a higher perspective, there are practices to develop this quality. The most important practice to achieve this state is to:

Question Everything!

We all are smart in our own ways, but we are limited by the society we live in. We believe and follow what we are raised to believe. So, we start to see things from only that perspective. 

This makes us no different than a frog living in a well, whose world no bigger than that well. 

As long as we are caught in this pit, we won’t be able to see things in the outside world. We all live in our own pits.

You can get out of this pit by questioning everything. This starts from the basics of your life. You need to question yourself and believe there are more than one sides of each story. You can further gain such perspective by reading personal experiences of other different people on the site of John Doe

For example, you can start by questioning why bad is bad and why good is good. Is it just because the world thinks it so? Shouldn’t there be more reasons in believing something than just following the crowd. 

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