Fri. May 10th, 2024
Customer Experience in Banking

Customers have many options to choose from about where to bank. The right choice for customers is a bank that is reliable, secure, and trustworthy, but the best choice for customers is a bank that provides high quality customer service in addition to the traits mentioned above. Banks, like any company, should treat the customer as a priority and should actively ensure that customers are satisfied with the services they receive. A bank that excels in customer service can provide positive customer experiences.

The modern banking experience is vastly different from banking experiences of the past. Banks have taken advantage of technological advancements and are implementing digital platforms to replace the services that are offered at brick and mortar bank branches. Customers can use virtual assistants for help, and use mobile banking apps and bank websites to check the balances of their accounts and make online transactions. Banks can improve customers’ banking experiences by ensuring that these digital platforms are easy for customers and bank representatives to use.

Provide Instant Services

There are often many people in bank branches waiting in line to be serviced, or in queues over the phone, waiting to be the customer that gets connected to a representative. This makes some customers impatient and dissatisfied. Allowing customers to handle banking matters digitally provides them with more self-service options that can be done anywhere at any time. Customers can use mobile banking apps to pay bills, make transfers and purchases, and check their accounts.

To make the customer service provided at branches more efficient and improve customers’ banking experiences, banks can implement artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants and bots to complete customer service tasks instantly. Virtual assistants could provide services to customers, handling the questions and concerns of customers. 

Banks could provide customer services to customers via an omnichannel communication platform. Using a unique, first-of-its-kind software provided by Bright Pattern allows banks to give their customers an efficient customer service call center. Customers are able to speak to customer service representatives over the phone, with the ability to seamlessly switch to messaging apps, video apps, or live chats without losing any data. Using an omnichannel platform allows banks and customers to handle customer service matters via any device at any time, anywhere.

Encourage Relationships with Customers

Banks should show their appreciation to customers for entrusting them with their money, and remind customers that their wants and needs matter. Making the customer feel valued is an important way to improve customers’ banking experiences. Banks should actively engage in open communication with their customers in order to stay updated about and aware of customer preferences and satisfaction.

To improve customer experience and customer service, banks can encourage customers to participate in customer feedback surveys. Bright Pattern technology can provide banks with real-time customer service reports, and customer insights and data, which banks can use to optimize their customer service.

With these kinds of surveys, customers are not only be asked to provide feedback on bank services; they are also able to give information about their overall satisfaction experience. Some customers may not be well-versed on financial matters, some may only know the basics of finance, and some others may consider themselves to be a financial expert. Whatever the case may be, it is a bank’s job to provide customers with important information regarding finances and banking. Banks are most successful when  they are transparent with customers about financial services. It is a big responsibility to provide financial education and counseling, but such transparency could increase how much customers trust their bank and feel generally satisfied.

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