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Real flowers are much prettier and have no comparison with fake flowers. The problem is that real Flowers Bouquet needs care to stay showy and healthy, and these “little secrets” aren’t easy out there. You have already noticed how beautiful the flowers in the shops are, haven’t you? But, have you ever stopped to think about the long way the flowers had to go to get to the store? This is because when the establishment does not have a nursery of its own, it often has to order them from places far from the place of sale. So how do they get beautiful in the market?

5 express tips for your flowers as soon as you get home

A beautiful bouquet of flowers has just arrived home. And now what? You would love to keep that moment forever, and immortalize that emotion forever in your heart. To preserve the freshness of your bouquet of flowers which you have received from online flower delivery, you must focus all your attention on lavishing a few pampering.

  • Remove the plastic or paper that surrounds your bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • Cut the stem of each flower diagonally. With a centimeter it will be enough, so the flowers will have greater capacity to absorb water.
  • Choose a glass vase and pour warm water.
  • Make sure the leaves are not submerged in water. In this way, you will keep bacteria at bay and your bouquet will be leafy for more days.
  • Choose a place where the sun’s rays do not enter directly, well lit and fresh.

Homemade tricks to extend the freshness

After the first express care, it is a little more effort to ensure that this wonderful bouquet retains its beauty and freshness for more days. Take note of these tricks and go applying them. In general, it is advisable to use warm water for most cut flowers. But in the case of roses or bulb flowers, the best option is cold water. With mineral salts you will extend its freshness. Dissolve two aspirins in warm water. When the mixture is completely cold, add it to the vase of your fresh flowers. To prevent bacteria from proliferating and reducing beauty to your bouquet, you can add two teaspoons of white vinegar for every liter of water. The sugar also serves as food for flowers. Dissolve two tablespoons in the water change. You will see how your flowers show more vigorously.

Care tips depend on season

If it is a very hot season, you can vaporize the petals with a little fresh water. Do it about 10 centimeters from the flowers. Make sure the flowers are not too tight between them. Try to have space for air to circulate. Depending on the size of the vases you choose, perhaps it is best to divide the bouquet into two vases. Water change is a vital care to prolong the life of your bouquet. Do it every three days. Your bouquet of flowers will thank you.

With these tips and homemade tricks you will be able to enjoy your bouquet of fresh flowers for longer.

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