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Fashion brands are supposed to be highly visual and Instagram is the right platform to showcase your creations. The fashion industry is one where high-quality visuals are quite common. So Instagram is the right platform as it allows businesses to concentrate on their creativity behind the pictures for delighting users and also, for creating a smarter way of generating brand awareness and nurturing a social community too.

If you wish to exploit this powerful marketing platform to the fullest, you need to ensure that your content is relevant, catchy, and memorable. However, while maintaining consistency of quality on a daily basis sometimes it becomes difficult to generate creative and novel ideas. Things could become slightly overwhelming. Here are some expert techniques to keep driving more traffic to your fashion store online.

Know the Kind of Content Your Target Audience Would Want to See

You need to impress your target audience with amazing content. So you need to understand what sort of content would make your followers happy. You must consider brainstorming on content ideas and take into account your buyer persona. You may come up with a comprehensive list of different kinds of content that may be inspiring and appealing to your customers. You must share compelling content that must motivate your potential customer into taking the final action. You must consider the lifestyle of your customer and the associated pain points to give your content more depth and authenticity.

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As per research, “Plan your posts with a content calendar. After you have decided which types of content your followers are interested in, you should consider the frequency of your posts. This is very important when leveraging customer experience. There is a fine line between annoying your followers by clogging up their news feed and not posting frequently that they will soon forget that you exist.” In this context, you must realize that experts suggest that you must have a content calendar for sustaining a consistent flow of brilliant content. Moreover, it would help you to keep track of specifically the content that really works for you and prompts you about your next course of action. You may choose trustworthy digital marketing companies such as stormlikes if you wish to add a number of likes to your Instagram posts.

Consider Choosing an Instagram Aesthetic

You must remember that on a photo-based platform such as Instagram, looks are regarded as all-important. You must embrace a brand aesthetic in general and remember to stick to it in all your campaigns. This could be helpful in attracting the right kind of audience for your unique brand and for coming up with an engaged community. For instance, a fashion account could flaunt sexy and sleek pictures while a lifestyle account could showcase brighter pictures. You need to identify precisely what works best for you. Your feed must be appealing and fascinating. Remember on Instagram looks is everything. Fashion brands get the right exposure on this visual-oriented social media platform. You may consider using competent apps such as Mextures or VSCO for consistency.

Maintain Consistency

You could be successful if you religiously maintain consistency. You must consciously limit your use of filters to just one or maximum a couple of them for applying on every picture. If you have a restricted range of filters, you could successfully create a niche for your brand or Instagram account. This would help in building robust brand awareness and brand recognition.

Use Compelling Captions to Interact Effectively with Your Followers

You must consciously involve your audience to the extent possible in your pictures and captions. You must appreciate that your audience enjoys being a part of your brand story. You may interact or talk with your audience through the captions on your stunning visual posts on Instagram. You must try to respond to all their comments on your posts.

Be Choosy with Your Content

You must avoid posting just about everything on your Instagram platform. You must be specific and consistent in your approach. You could be successful if you maintain consistency of thoughts and visual approach.

If you wish to share a fantastic picture that has nothing to do with your brand values and is in no way relevant to your brand, you may think in terms of creating a separate Instagram account that is private and personal meant for friend and family. You could post such a picture in your Instagram personal account but not in your business account.

Consider Incorporating Boomerangs & Videos to Your Account

Pictures are simply fabulous but spectacular videos would assist you in effectively boosting your engagement and overall brand awareness. Boomerang which is a unique feature of Instagram could be an amazing way of generating engagement and is a good technique to use from time to time. You may consider boomerangs in your usual content rotation. You must ensure that you are using the right hashtags on your videos as hashtags could remarkably amplify the reach of your video,

Remember Going Live Always Helps

You could consider interacting with your target audience or more precisely your followers and fans in real time. This way you could fortify the connection or bond with the target audience. However, you must not exploit live sessions intending only to sell your services or products. You must necessarily showcase your unique brand values while utilizing the options of Instagram Live.

Stick to Staying Relevant

You must consider if your brand actually is being reflected by your post. You cannot just click a stunning picture and upload it. You must consider your roots, what is your business vision? Why did you initiate this business? What was your inspiration behind building this brand? You could tell your audience the lifestyle or the story behind your business. This would be helping you in coming up with unique and authentic posts and you could stay relevant to your unique brand. Your audience would love you for creating such unique content that is absolutely relatable to them.


Instagram is surely the best social media platform for showcasing your brand and business. It is not possible to become an Insta-Idol overnight. It would take a lot of hard work and dedication to become an Instagram sensation. However, by following the above-discussed tips, you could boost your online presence and visibility.

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