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The Live Location feature permits you to share your period location for a particular quantity of your time with the participants of a personal or cluster chat. you’ll management whether or not and the way long to share your live location. you’ll conjointly stop sharing your live location at any time. Once stopped or invalid, your live location is not any longer be shared. people United Nations agency you shared your live location with can still see the situation you shared as a static fingernail image, and may faucet the image to visualize your last updated location. In the last I will guide you to send fake location on WhatsApp.

This feature is end-to-end encrypted, which suggests nobody will see your live location except the individuals you shared with. to be told a lot of regarding your security on WhatsApp, please visit WhatsApp Security. you’ll conjointly browse our Privacy Policy for a lot of info on WhatsApp’s privacy practices.

Share your live location

Enable location permissions for WhatsApp in your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > App permissions > Location > activate WhatsApp. or else, if you latterly opened WhatsApp, you’ll visit your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications >WhatsApp> Permissions > activate Location.

Typically, a pretend GPS app would require access to your GPS and should got to be enabled in Developer choices. Once done, you may typically be ready to choose a location anyplace within the world victimization the app’s map. Once set, you set the app to indicate this location once one is requested by another app. This technique works as tested it on associate golem phone and WhatsApp. The user’s position was set to town Mexico City Ciudad de Mexico Mexican capital of Mexico national capital and therefore the map of that city appeared once the situation was shared in WhatsApp. There was no obvious sign that the user wasn’t very in this location, therefore it seems to be a good and effective technique to use.

You people just have to follow the steps I have mentioned below about fake GPS WhatsApp using Dr.Fone (iOS). These are:

  1. Visit Dr. Fone official website and install/download Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).
  1. Install the file on your PC or install the app on your mobile phone. (easy to use on mobile)
  • Launch the suite on your PC or laptop.
  1. then click on “virtual location”& verify that your phone is linked to your Pc or laptop.
  2. Click to get started.
  3. Activate teleport mode so that you can find it in the upper right corner.
  • write the location in the input section and click to go.
  • You will see the move here icon click to go.
  1. Your location will be changed & confirm it by seeing on your mobile phone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and check the location.

After taking these steps you will be able to fake your WhatsApp location. I hope you understand better by following mentioned above steps to change whatsApp gps location.

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