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People normally need love and a caring person for looking after. Also, they want to show up the love and express it to their lovable ones. During this lockdown period, many people went for self-quarantine at home. To save life and prevent their loved ones they need to stay at home and stay safe enough. Even when they move out they need to follow the rules and regulations as social distancing functions. Moreover, many people stay at home and search for love making each other. As every day pasting lonely people try to date and search for love online. As they want todate someone really after lockdown gets over.

Benefits of online dating application for making love

 The filtercopy is a YouTube channel that comes with a variety of videos with different concepts. Every concept in the video taught many meaningful things that resemble some people’s lives. This time they come up with romantic couples goes for dating after lockdown stories in a short video on their youtube channel. The three narrator kritika avasthi,parikshit joshi, and abhishek kapoor are playing the cast of and tells the stories to everyone. They describe the two people Nikita and Akhil love stories which begin from online dating applications.

 The youtube video shows about love started by chatting through an online application. The application is used for dating online that helps many people to get into a relationship and how to share their thought towards their loved ones. The lockdown shows how important people are needed in their real life, for a longer time they never enjoy and never showed their love together and can’t express. The only is connected with social media. Many people find their real love online with many dating applications. It all begins with online chatting and then it changes with the exchange of personal things and share their thought to create love together.

 After the lockdown over many people’s are waiting for the moment to meet their loved ones and to express their love to them. The narrator of the youtube channel shows how people are excited to meet up with their loved ones. Also, they planned for date night after the lockdown ends up. During the first meet, they need to give some gifts and flowers for a loved one for showing their love towards them. Also, videos give more ideas for making love together and simply share the meaning of life over it.

The channel did make videos on their channel and it goes viral video.  The channel also comes with more short films and after releasing it gets more views and becomes trending videos on the internet as well as on social media. They also come with some funny and cute couples videos. With the millions of subscribers on the channel, they get every video with millions of views over it. The channel comes with a top-notch topic where many people wish to views and some video concepts are compared by people and resolve their ego about the love on others. Try to make and always love everyone.

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