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Avoiding The Fallout Of Being Foreclosed On

Many things can be done to help you keep from being foreclosed on, if you’re in a position where that’s a real threat. One thing you shouldn’t do is freeze up, or squat without doing anything else.

There are lot’s of don’ts, and lot’s of do’s, when it comes to this kind of thing. Following we’ll follow items you should avoid, and items you should embrace as a means of counteracting the threat of foreclosure.

What Not To Do

Don’t sign over the title of your home to anyone promising they can help you stop the foreclosure. If you do, they own the property, and you don’t. Don’t authorize agents to act as attorneys. Try to avoid people who want to rope you into a financing option to save your house; the interest rates can compound what debt you’ve already got.

Avoid companies that have made a profitable business model around “preventing” foreclosure. These groups are sometimes called loss-mitigation companies. In either scenario, you’re getting milked by such businesses as they exploit your lack of understanding and varying loopholes in the system.

Avoid either specialists in foreclosure wanting up-front payment, or mortgage brokers asking for the same. Anyone who can’t provide licensing information for the state of Florida shouldn’t be trusted. Avoid companies of the leaseback variety seeking to offer you a short-sale.

If anyone isn’t an attorney or a mortgage broker, and wants to negotiate with the lender, that can also be a red flag—they might “save” you, only so you’re “indebted” deeper to their organization. Also, avoid credit counseling groups that aren’t affiliated with HUD (More on HUD shortly).

What To Do

Definitely seek consultation from those who are licensed, and won’t undermine your interests. Family and friends can be helpful here. There are also government agencies that can help provide relief; especially in regions of the country like Florida, where things like hurricanes saddle homeowners with expenses that are impossible for them to contend with through conventional channels.

Do communicate with your lender, and see if you can’t workout some new form of repayment. You might change up how payments are structured. Banks may work with you on a forbearance plan, which is financial speak for a limitation on mortgage payment requirements as a means of helping you avoid foreclosure.

Loans can be modified, and they can additionally be refinanced. And if none of that works, it is always possible to sell your property prior to foreclosure. You can do this yourself or through certain real estate agencies. Just keep in mind, you may not have a long time to sell, so be careful how you go about this process.

This is why you avoid those agencies trying to exploit your fear as a means of pushing you into selling for less than you could. Also, if you’re looking for more means of stopping foreclosure, you might check out the following link. It contains some key insight into techniques designed as a means of helping you bring your foreclosure costs to the future.

Understanding The Options Available

There are always going to be situations where there’s just nothing that can be done. However, more often than not, you’ll find there are options that can be pursued which help you avoid being impacted by foreclosure. At the very least, you can reduce your losses.

Also, there are government assistance programs that can be sought if you qualify. Additionally, you may have the legal ability to dispute a foreclosure, so this shouldn’t be entirely ruled out. There are education programs, counseling options, and much more.

The department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, commonly helps individuals in foreclosure situations find ways of keeping their property. At their website, you can examine the options available to you in detail. You may be surprised at some of the options out there. In certain cases, this agency will help pay your mortgage for a period of time.

Usually this has to do with situations where some catastrophic circumstance beyond your control has transpired. This may work for you. But what won’t is trusting people without credentials who try to exploit your fear to force your hand. Do your homework, and don’t panic. There are options out there, you may just have to be creative to find them.

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