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We spend 1/3rd of our life in the bed sleeping or relaxing. It is essential for overall health and proper functioning of the body. It does not only affect our body but also the mind, restoring our energy for the next day, waking up, balancing the hydration, and soothing the skin. Now when sleep has such startling benefits, the sleeping place should be comfortable enough and most importantly your head should be at a safe height for breathing normally.

Pillows are used everywhere for this purpose, these pillows are covered with pillow cases that come in great variety. Our face and hair come directly in contact with the pillow case, therefore it must be made from the right fabric material otherwise it’ll lead to acne, skin breakouts, and wrinkles aging you rapidly. This article sums up a few of the best fabric materials for pillow cases that not only feel soft and smooth but also cater the needs of your skin and hair.

Type of fabric materials


Fabrics can either be natural, synthetic, or blend of both natural and synthetic materials. Natural fabric materials include cotton and silk which are considered to be one of the best and top notch fabric materials for making the pillow cases. Synthetic materials comprise nylon or polyester whereas the blended fabric materials include poly cotton, and silk blends having features of both natural and synthetic materials. Many people pay more attention to the thread count rather than the fabric type and end up with a dense and rough pillow case. Therefore, it’s more important to consider the fabric material instead of thread count.

The best fabric materials are those that provide the minimal friction between your skin and the cover, increase breathability, deliver enough oxygen to skin, and prevent sweating and heating. Because sweating while sleeping leads to the sleep lines, acne breakouts, and wrinkles. Best fabric materials for pillow cases are given below…


Silk is the top notch fabric material when it comes to pillow shams, it not only looks beautiful but also provides you with healthy hair and skin. Silk covers are natural and chemical free, they prevent wicking and retain the moisture of the skin. You have noticed that no matter what kind of moisturizer you apply on the face before sleeping it dries out when you wake up in the morning. It does not mean that skin has absorbed all of it but your pillow cover has. Silk cover retains this moisture and locks it into your skin. Being made from smooth and thin fibers they prevent the frizzy and tangled hair. Moreover, silk covers are hypoallergenic.


Cotton pillow cases are most commonly used. They comprise cellulose & polysaccharides that are water loving. They have a good tendency of absorbing the moisture and making you feel dry which is why they are the worst choice when it comes to the pillow covers or any bedding. Bath towels and other absorptive accessories are preferred for cotton fabric therefore. You must avoid buying the cotton pillow shams, if you love your skin & want healthy hair because they tend to absorb all the moisture on the skin and even from the hair leading to hair damage and skin breakout. They have an increased friction that can cause the clogged pores to breakout as acne & build up oil causing unimaginable acne vulgar issues.


Linen is a natural fabric material, it has a soft texture and feels silky soft. This also absorbs the body moisture but less than the cotton therefore, you can consider linen covers. Also, linen pillow shams are breathable, non-wicking, & crispy coo. They will keep your skin cool preventing oiling and acne-breakouts.


Flannel is a good go-to when it comes to the winter pillow covers. They provide necessary warmth without heating too much. They do not absorb the moisture of the skin or cause any breakouts. Their soft velvety texture feels silky soft that keeps the skin hydrated and fresh preventing any skin issues. Therefore you can use them for the kid’s bedding and for your guest room as well.

Egyptian cotton & jersey cotton are also beneficial, you can consider them while buying the covers for your pillows.

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