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First of all, let me tell you what a dieta is. The dieta formally begins by ingesting
harvested, cleaned medicinal tree barks, soaked in water at ambient temperature. Each
bark comes from medicinal tree that is a part of maestro tradition. Each bark will be
selected under his guidance. Each medicinal tree has its own spirit and energy.

As ayahuasca is the basis of indigenous plant medicine tradition, dieta plays an
important role in building that. Dieta is a contract made between curandero and a plant
The contract is decided and agreed upon which dieta is taking place and often times the
motivation to do a dieta comes at the suggestion of the plant spirit but it can be decided
by a person.

Dieta is used as a tool in shipibo healing method. It was originated as a practice based on
plants to develop a tune with the current spirit of the material world. Traditionally, it
has been applied to healing, consultations and so on. The dietas are part of a larger
system of human-plant relationship. The plant dieta tradition is well developed in
Amazon basin that is populated with plants with medical powers.

Here let me share the benefits of using plant dieta in traditional healing

1. Promote deep healing:

The shamanic dieta is only taken on by a shaman, as a part of certain types of healing.
Dieta comes in two phases, one takes place during a retreat and others will continue
with requirements afterward.
Traditionally plant dietas are undertaken by those wish to become shamanic healers. It
can also be used as a powerful detox and spiritual practice. Dieata retreat only done by
maestros and maestro, they have profound knowledge of shipibo dieta.
The maestros will clean your mind and body and thus promote deep healing from inside.
The learning is experiential and unique to each individual.

2. Heightened perception:

It increases your perception through dreams and visions. Dieta is a technique to retreat
the rainforest and ingest a master plant given by a shaman. A dieta can be used for one
week or months or even years.
In the amazon some psychoactive plants are considered by healers and shamans as
master plants. If properly ingested, these plants generate knowledge about their healing
properties through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions. Each plant has a
different energy to heal teach assure or to help a person.

3. Developed food habits:

Due to the requirements of the dieta, one has to limit and carefully select the food intake
for a period of time. As they won’t be allowed to take tea or coffee, sugar, oils, etc. this
will help to develop the digestive system. No western medications will be taken such as
contraceptive and any other tablets so outside chemical won’t harm the body.


The result of a completed plant dieta is a continuous process that can last for your
entire life. Dietas are tremendous for achieving physical, mental and emotional healing.
Throughout the journey the retreat focuses on forming meaningful relationships with
the plant spirits. Sticking with the process is simple direct and can lead to some of the
most meaningful spiritual relationships.

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