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We have 30 years of experience as professionals in the repair of air conditioning in Italy. Three decades in which we have strived to offer a cutting-edge service adapted to the needs of each client who decides to place their trust in us.

Throughout our history, we have made evident efforts to remain a benchmark company in the air conditioning sector. We are constantly aware of the news that occurs to give our clients the best possible services.

In addition to domestic air conditioning equipment, we are experts in industrial air conditioning installations in Italy. At all times we respond to the highest quality standards, which has earned us the trust of a wide range of customers. Also because we offer personalized treatment by carefully studying your needs to give the best of the existing solutions, whether it is to repair the air conditioning in Italy, ​​carry out maintenance work, or install efficient equipment.

Experts in air conditioning repair in Italy

We are a leading company in remote control home automation installations through telephone apps for both Android and IOS. Of course, betting on systems that are respectful of the environment and that provide the customer with the maximum savings on the bill.

We provide comprehensive solutions that range from installation to maintenance work that involves a periodic check of the air conditioning equipment to optimize its performance, maximize its useful life and prevent breakdowns, which we repair with the utmost diligence so that our clients enjoy all its benefits at all times.

One of the most important activities is checking the air conditioning for leaks since these mean a reduction in the performance of the equipment and an increase in consumption, so our experts are in charge of carrying out the necessary tests to determine the good condition of the installation and, if detected, repair them quickly.

Who are we?

Experienced and qualified cold specialists

Family business, founded in 1987. Dedicated to the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning and industrial and commercial cold. We equip industries, shops, offices, and individuals

We work…

  •  Low discipline, rigor, and seriousness
  •  Making the maximum effort and sacrifice
  •  With a customer warranty service
  •  Along with a fluid and personalized treatment
  •  To achieve the highest quality and efficiency of our services!


We have three decades of experience in the air conditioning technical service in Italy.

We accumulate 30 years of experience at your service.

Take a look at the flyers, where we explain three pillars of our way of working.

Services Budgets

Free. We move to your home or company. And if you want a quick response, fill in the contact information and attach all the information that may be useful to us.

Installation and repair of industrial cold

Freezing chambers and conservation chambers.

Commercial cold installation and repair

Cabinets, commercial refrigerators, display cabinets, bottle racks, freezers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers. Water chillers, and other liquid chillers for industrial use. Special refrigeration: wines, caves, cigars, flowers, burial chambers, etc.

Air conditioning installation and repair

VRV and Rooftop systems. Air conditioning of UPS rooms, electrical rooms, etc. Air conditioning ducts, multi splits, etc. Additionally, we supply A / C systems for extreme climates.

Industrial/commercial cold and air conditioning maintenance services.

We adapt maintenance to the specific needs of each client. With correct maintenance you will:


  1. Extend the useful life of the equipment.
  2. Optimize performance.
  3. Prevent and reduce breakdowns, while reducing their impact.

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