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Baby with Happy Songs for ChildrenBaby with Happy Songs for Children

Songs are popular with toddlers and babies. They are fond of music and often joyfully sway to its beats. In fact, scientists have revealed that music has several therapeutic benefits for babies and kids. With songs, you can introduce them to language skills early in life. Those babies that listen to songs from an early age, later on, grow up to be good with words and vocabulary.

Music – Should you sing or play recorded music to your baby?

When you play music to babies and toddlers, experts say you should always sing to them. Babies or toddlers do not care about your voice so if you need to sing to your little one, just go ahead and sing. Some parents play recorded songs to their babies; however, listening to recorded songs are not the same as singing songs to your child. Singing is also a form of communication with your baby, and he/she reciprocates your efforts when it comes to singing. Experts in the field say that when you sing to your baby, you actually are interacting with him/her as well. Recorded music will never be able to provide this experience to your child.

Introduce your child to language patterns and different tones

When you sing to your child, you introduce many language patterns and tones to him/her. Babies, since they are in the womb, are able to hear. This is why they respond to familiar voices and often become quiet when they cry on hearing the same voices. In fact, child care experts say that when the child is in your belly, you should start singing to him or her. This might seem awkward in the beginning; however, with the passage of time; you will get used to it. Your little one inside the womb can hear you, so your singing efforts will not go futile. Your baby will in the process learn to recognize your voice and tone. Singing to your child is one of the easiest ways to bond with your baby.

Sing classic tunes to your baby

Once your baby is born, be regular with singing. The more sooner speech stimulation enters the brains of your child, the better it will be for him/her. When you are singing to your baby, try to sing with classical tunes like “Mary had a little lamb” or “Rock-a-Bye Baby.” Your baby will be able to identify with the patterns and tones sung. These songs for kids carry intonations and melodies that are like master tunes. They help to prepare the ears, brain and the voice for your baby.

Experts also say that if you stay in a bilingual home and speak two languages, you should sing classic songs to your child in two languages so that he or she learns both the languages. Later when your child grows up, he/she can listen to nursery rhymes. Do babies mind if they listen to the same song over and over again? In fact, they don’t. They love repetition and love to listen to the same songs as much as possible!

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