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Most of the people are giving the complaint against the nepotism followed in Bollywood so that everyone request Binge! Youtube channel to talk about that. Sushant Singh Rajput death is an unsolved one and most of the people are assuming that nepotism is behind on it. Some people are doubting their friends and love so that the Indian government arranges CBI officers to investigate this case.

The reason behind it 

The star kids vs outsider having the heavy competition to survive in Bollywood. Most of the time the outsiders are not getting success in it. It is very rare to get the success of the outsiders so that most of the people are losing their lives in the Bollywood cine field. Most of the famous celebrities are trying to introduce their kids in cine field so that others can able to prove their talent in it.

Acting is a kind of art and anyone can prove it in the cine field but nowadays most people are suffering from nepotism. Most of the talented actress is abused and they are just threatened by some other famous actress. Every star kids are easily entering into this field and it will never be the unwanted one at any time. Still, some Bollywood actress death was an unsolvable one and it indicates the nepotism followed in this cine field.

Most of the unsolvable cases are there 

This must be eradicated from every cine industries then only others can easily prove their talent. Bollywood is one of the top-ranked cine industry in India but it is not a simple thing to succeed in it. This indicates the power of the famous actress behind on nepotism. Every bollywood star kids are don’t have the acting skill but they will never give a chance to others because they are earning more from this industry.

Most of the women actresses are misused and they don’t have the support to expose it to the media. Nowadays most of the Media are favoring the politicians and higher officials and the others are threatened by the higher officials. So that the other media can’t able to expose it to the common people. There are multiple ways are available to prove your talent in the cine field but in every department, there is nepotism is followed on it.

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