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Know your regular skincare routine

Finding a basic daily skincare routine can be an eternal quest. This is because there are too many skincare advices out there in the market and there are too much talks about it that sometimes it gets very confusing.

Also the cosmetic products manufacturer have so many items on sale these days that people are spoilt for choices on what to use and what not to. But the most important factor is, no matter what, one needs a basic routine and it has to be smart and fast because no one really has hours to spend over skincare routines on a daily basis.

Here are the major steps that one should follow:


This can remove all the oil, dirt and sweat from the skin along with some other pollutants. One needs to cleanse their skin twice a day (morning and evening) so that the pores remain clear and the face feels fresh. One should use a cleanser which suits their skin type and they remove excess dirt form the pores. Do not use some harsh bar soaps to clean the skin as it will make them dry.


Toning is important though many people think that it is unnecessary to use it. It has some beneficial effects on the skin. Once the impurities of the skin are gone after cleansing, the toner actually removes if there are some residues. This also balances the pH level of the skin very well. Once the cleansing is done, the toner should be used right after.


The skin everyday sheds a lot of skin cells but sometimes these cells can also build up on the skin surface and make the face look dull. So one needs to exfoliate them to remove all the dead skin cells that are accumulated. This also helps in removing the black heads and some acne breakouts. Post toning one can exfoliate the skin. But it is not required on an everyday basis. One can easily do the, thrice a week. If one has acne issues on their skin, it is a great idea to go for chemical exfoliators. Otherwise, natural ones will serve the purpose.


Then comes the moisturising part. This is a thing which provides a protective layer on the skin and helps in keeping them hydrated. This also gives the skin a very smooth and supple appearance. This is a very important step in the regular skincare routine which one must not avoid. One needs to choose a moisturiser which is suitable for the skin type and it can be anything from a thick cream to a gel or a lotion or a water based serum. For daytime use one needs a moisturiser with SPF to stay protected from the sun and at night one can go for some lighter base before going to bed.

There are a lot of beauty care products manufacturer from where one can choose their daily skincare products. But one needs to be sure about their skin type before picking up those products.

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