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Best Ct Scan Centre

A computerized axial tomography (CAT or CT) scan permits doctors to check within your body. It uses a computer and a mixture of X-rays to form photos of your bones, organs and other various tissues. It shows a lot of details in comparison to a standard X-ray. The procedure is painless and doesn’t take much time. It can be performed on any of the body parts.

Methodology for CT scans

Whether it is ct scan centre in Bangalore or any other centre, they use the slim beam of X-ray which circles around spirally one of the parts of the body. This produces continuous pictures one after the other from as many angles as possible. A cross-sectional image is formed using these pictures with the help of the computer. Since the final image produced is in two-dimensional (2D) form, this scan depicts a slice of the interior of your body.

To achieve high efficiency and accuracy, this method is put on a loop to supply a variety of slices. The pc arranges these slices vertically with the latest slice being on the top so as to form an in-depth image of your bones, or blood vessels, or organs. For instance, the surgeon could refer to this sort of scan to go through all the angles of a tumour before going to operate it. This will ensure that the surgeon has a clear idea of the location and the type of the tumour and hence will increase the probability of the operation to be successful.

The procedure for performing the CT scans

You are most likely get a CT scan from arguably the best ct scan centre in Bangalore or from a trusted radiology clinic or from a well-recognised hospital. The doctors there will instruct you to avoid eating or drinking anything before the scan, maybe for a couple of hours. You additionally ought to wear hospital robe and take away any objects of metals like jewellery etc.

The CT scan will be performed by a radiologist. You will be made to lie on a table which will be subjected through aCT machine which is having the shape of a large doughnut. Since the table will gradually move via the scanner at a slow pace, the X-rays will easily gyrate around your whole body. During the process, you may hear a buzzing or a whirring noise. Any movement from your side is liable to produce blur images. Hence you are required to stay still during the scan. You will be instructed the same from the radiologist who will even ask you to stop breathing for a couple of seconds from time to time as it is the part of the procedure.

Duration of the scan depends upon the part of the body which has to be scanned. However, the best ct scan in Bangalore may last for a couple of minutes to even 30 minutes for producing top-notch end results. Generally, there is no need for keeping you under observation. Thus you can head towards your home after the scan.

CT scan with contrast

When analysing the CT scans, the denser and bigger organs are easily detectable but the soft tissues can’t be located that easily as they appear as a faint dot in the image. Thus to get a clear look of them, a dye called contrast material is used which is made from sulphate or iodine. It blocks the incoming X-rays and highlights the organs, blood vessels, or other different structures within the body. The best ct scan centre in Bangalore would possibly make you receive it in any of the following ways:

  • Orally- the contrast material is mixed in a liquid and then given to you for drinking. It focuses on the digestive system in the scan results
  • Enema- for highlighting the intestine in the scan, the contrast material is inserted via the rectum
  • Injection- it is made to enter the bloodstream directly by injecting. This is often done to highlight your liver, blood vessels, gallbladder, or urinary tract in the image

Side effects

  • People allergic to contrast material may experience a rash or itchiness. It’s rare that the contrast material triggers a dangerous reaction
  • Contrast material might induce some problems related to kidney, albeit rare

The usefulness of CT scans

Doctors may ask for best ct scan in Bangalore for the following possible reasons:

  • They are capable of showing haemorrhage and internal injuries which you might have endured in an accident
  • Doctors refer them prior to the procedures like biopsies, radiation medical aid, and surgeries
  • They are helpful in finding an infection, blood clot, excess fluid, or tumour
  • If you are suffering from a condition like emphysema, cancer, liver masses, or heartsickness, CT scans will spot it or facilitate doctors in the analysis of their recovery
  • Doctors can evaluate the efficiency of a particular treatment by comparing the CT scans taken at various phases of the treatment. For example, they may compare various scan reports to check whether a tumour is responding to the treatment of chemotherapy or not
  • CT scans detect myriad problems related to joints and bones i.e. From fractures to tumours

Risks involved

  • X-rays are used by the CT scans which might harm your DNA leading to cancer. However, the chance of you developing cancer is approximately 0.05%
  • Effects of radiation keep on adding up. Thus increasing the potential risk after each CT scan. Do consult your doctor regarding this
  • Ionizing radiation is very harmful to children. They even have a lot more years of getting exposed to such radiation. To be on the safer side, do ask the technician of the best ct scan in Bangalore if the machine’s settings are adjusted for your child or not
  • CT scan is harmful to the baby in the womb. So do inform the doctorabout of your pregnancy. The doctor may suggest you alternate tests like ultrasound etc.

Since various risks are involved, you shouldn’t go through a CT scan on your will. It’s there to detect severe medical conditions hence don’t take its aid unless advised by the doctor.

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