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Bill Gates once said “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”. The fear of failure is a feeling that everyone is inflicted with, it is part of who we are but it should stand in the way of potential success. Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, the founder of juggernaut that is Microsoft. Most of us use a Microsoft-made product every day, but we never really take in the inspiration we can all take from something like Microsoft who started as a pure idea.

In Business it is often the fear of failure which stops us from succeeding, the idea of failure makes most of us think of an end rather than a learning opportunity. This is especially important when running your own business, not only is there a need to motivate yourself but just as, if not more essential is the motivation of your employees.

There are many different techniques to effectively motivating people in business, a business coach technique to make the most of motivational methods in areas such as performance, communication and team building – three key areas in business. Websites such as bitcoin revolution has previously had some of the top companies comes to him to use his investment coaching in helping motivate themselves.

So why are the likes of communication, team building and performance so important in a motivational sense? Firstly, to be an effective business you must be self-motivated – what are your business goals? How are going to achieve them? Only once you are motivated in yourself can you motivate those around you.

The team is the most important part of a successful organisation, a hard working and happy team will work harder to meet your business goals. But a poorly motivated team can be a cancer to your business and ultimately reflect on the whole business. Making sure that the whole office is happy performing their duties and any problems or grievances are listened to at all times.

Effective communication is an essential component in making sure you have a happy and hard-working office. Your employees appreciate been talked to like they are an important part of the business, learning how to encourage your employees will go a long way to motivating them to achieve their goals.

This leads to performance, make sure that you recognise and reward good performance. If your office has achieved the set of goals you aimed for over a certain period then ensure that you acknowledge that performance, if everyone knows that they are contributing to the overall completion of business aims it can go a long way to motivating the office. Everyone is motivated by different things so understanding that will go a long way to motivating each individual as well as the team.

Do not underestimate the importance of motivation in business, loom around in every walk of life and you will see that the most motivated people are the ones who go on to have success.

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