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Oxi.X DF

In the situation of increasingly rigid thresholds, different systems built on numerous technologies are required to remove liquid residues and harmful exhaust gases safely. The Oxi.X DF incinerator can eliminate explosive exhaust gases easily, as it is similar to the thermal process.

Oxi.X DF benefits

•             Pliable to various kinds of pollutants

•             No limitations on the quantity or kind of pollutants

•             Discarding the explosive gases

•             Heat recovery due to use of distinctive waste heat systems

Operating principle Oxi.X DF

The Oxi.X DF system utilizes lances to bring the exhaust air and moves it towards the back of the system where the burner flame is positioned. Dürr Air Pollution Control Systems in India manufacturers burners that heat the polluted air. Above a specific temperature, the pollutants are oxidized depending on the gathering of pollutants present in the exhaust air.

A critical parameter like the dwell time of the air mixture in the combustion chamber can be chosen to fulfil individual needs.

Through the purification process and other ways, clean air can be reused. Heat can be recuperated from the air by using a thermal oil boiler, air-to-air heat exchanger, or downstream steam boiler.

Different types of pollutants in exhaust air are created by different manufacturing processes. This is the reason why thermal treatment processes are not an accurate option in most cases. In cases like these, Air Pollution Control Systems, such as quenchers, hose filters, and scrubbers, can be installed downstream of the Oxi.X DF system. Another choice to be installed downstream can be Cat.X CR system.

Application areas Oxi.X DF

In the petrochemical, chemical, recycling, and waste management, pharmaceutical industries, primarily for fluid residues and exhaust gases, Oxi.X DF incinerators are used. They are perfect for applications where heavily corrosive and polluted gases are needed to be cleaned. In addition, these systems are required for the production of carbon fiber, graphite anodes, rubber, latex, semiconductors, and ceramics.

•             Chemical Industry

•             Carbon fiber

•             Petrochemical Industry

•             Recycling & Waste Industry

•             Pharmaceutical Industry

•             Ceramics

•             Semiconductors

•             Rubber & Latex

Technical specifications Oxi.X DF

With the assistance of Oxi.X DF Systems, the contamination or pollutants are transformed during the manufacturing process. As the exhaust air volume flows from 100 to 160,000 Nm³/h, it can be treated, depending on the application.

Some of the substances that all or few of the exhaust air typically contain are mentioned below:

  • In the explosive range, exhaust gases with concentrations of pollutants exist.
  • With an oxygen content of 0 to 21% by volume, inert exhaust gases and gases (higher   oxygen contents also possible) are present.
  • Nitrogen, halogens, sulfur, nitrogen, carcinogenic and poisonous substances are included in exhaust gases (air pollution).
  • Liquid residues, wastewater, and waste solvents that are tough to clean comprise salts or substances that bind salts, inorganic and organic substances emulsified or dissolved.

Construction Oxi.X DF

The Oxi.X DF involves a fiber- or brick-lined combustion chamber – horizontal or vertical, straight U-shaped, or L-shaped. A multifuel burner with a front made of gas or oil can be adapted to match customers’ needs.

The Oxi.X DF enclosed ground flare is a standard modular version of the Oxi.X DF and comprises a burner system located in a standardized combustion chamber directly attached to a chimney. It is available in seven sizes and has a thermal output ranging from 300 kW to 30,000 kW. Highly concentrated process exhaust gases and exhaust air with minimal levels of pollutants can be treated by this system. The modular design of the Oxi.X DF enclosed ground flare permits projects to be completed in the shortest period – from manufacturing, assembly and design to commissioning. Through a particular level of standardization, at attractive prices, high performance and high-quality systems can be offered. In addition, a tiny footprint is provided by the vertical design of the system, which makes the Oxi.X DF enclosed ground flare the absolute choice for retrofitting where limited space is accessible.

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