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When moving a house, there are number of things to keep in mind and infinite things are there to be packed. As moving a house is a stressing and hectic task, it may result in forgetting a number of important things to do and pack when moving a house. Bigger stuff like television, refrigerator, desktop computer, kitchen stuff are easy to remember while making a packing list and buying packing supplies. But there are a number of things we completely forget to pack which creates a mess at the time of moving.

Following are the things that Cheapest Cross Country Moving Company states that homeowners tend to forget and need personal and special attention while moving home:

Important Documents:

Don’t forget to pack important documents and to be on the safe side make a list of important personal documents including passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, employment and work-related documents including work contract, letters of recommendation, housing documents including property deeds, rental agreements, legal and financial documents including wills, Power of Attorney documents, bank statements, and motor vehicle documents including vehicle registration, motor insurance documents, and also include medical records and school records in the list. After making a list, gather all the documents from their respective places, pack them and keep with your personal belongings.

Pro Packing Tips from the best moving companies

Prescription Medicines:

Medicines are an important item but still they are most commonly forgotten to pack. Be sure to pack your all prescription medicines. When regular medicines can be overlooked sometimes, prescription medicines are important to be packed and kept at the most approachable place while moving a house so that they are easily available afterwards.

Clothes sent to Laundry and devices sent for repairing:

Clothes sent to laundry for dry cleaning or ironing are another most common item that is forgotten often. Make a list of things sent out for repairing and clothes sent to laundry. Bring the stuff back and pack.

Stored Items:

Items that are placed in the storage are also forgotten generally. While packing groceries and other stuff double check storage places including the attic, basement, garage or tool shed, look for the items to move along, and prepare them for packing.

Toiletries and Shower Curtains:

Bathroom items are also overlooked when we pack our stuff for moving. Toiletries and shower curtains, being the last things to pack are often forgotten to take along. Keep a box ready to pack all bathroom stuff such as shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, and even hair drier at the last moment.

Hidden Valuables:

We all have a habit of placing our valuables at hidden places including hidden drawers and shelves in wardrobes. Being hidden, sometimes they are left out and we remember them later and repent. So, before leaving the old house, make a mental note of such things and double check all the hidden places for such valuables including from cash, precious jewellery, or family heirlooms.

So, do not forget these important tips and your valuable belongings and enjoy a successful move.

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