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Programming Trends to Expect in 2019

Programming is an ever-changing landscape, with new languages, libraries, and platforms emerging every year. It can seem challenging to stay on top of the newest trends in programming, but with the help of analyzing trends and current standards in programming, you can stay informed and know which areas on which you should focus for future success. Read on to discover new programming trends that will hold steady for 2019.

Artificial Intelligence Programming in 2019 

One of the most exciting trends in programming so far this year has been the large-scale embracement of artificial intelligence (A.I.) With Artificial Intelligence, you can create apps and programs that interact with users as another human would on some levels.

It’s currently being used by customer service applications and interfaces on smart devices and even vehicles. Websites and apps that implement A.I. in their interfaces can expect a smarter, more helpful experience for users and better data analysis for marketing research and site feedback.

Learning to program for A.I. applications can help you stay ahead of the curve throughout this year. According to PayScale, jobs in A.I. programming already yield an average salary of over $90,000, and 2019 will surely see opportunities in this area multiply as A.I. finds more uses throughout the tech world.

Machine Learning for 2019 

Machine learning differs from A.I. in the sense that, with machine learning, you can build applications and software that self-improves as it consumes more data. An example of this is the anti-spam tool included in JetPack. JetPack comes pre-installed with many versions of the WordPress CMS and uses machine learning to better its own skills in recognizing spam-filled comments and posts.

2019 will certainly continue to see more uses for machine learning and machine learning programmers are already earning over $100,000 per year at most development firms this year.

Programming for Content Management Systems 

Another trend you’ve likely noticed strengthening so far in 2019 is the increasing number of developers focusing on Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla. In fact, Joomla developers are using PHP, JavaScript, and even HTML and CSS to build extensions, modules, and third-party tools for Joomla website owners, with new products hitting the Joomla Extension Directory every week.

In order to take advantage of this trend in programming for 2019 you should grab a Joomla hosting package and install the Joomla CMS for yourself. Try building some Joomla websites and see what kind of functionality you’d find useful. After looking for solutions in the Joomla Extension Directory, you’ll know if you’ve discovered a new area for Joomla programming, which can be very lucrative. Make sure your Joomla hosting is optimized for the CMS, or at least setup on a fast VPS hosting environment, so that you don’t run into any snags while building or testing Joomla software.

JavaScript Trends in 2019 

Another trend that’s here to stay in 2019 is the heavy reliance on the JavaScript web programming language. JavaScript remains in preference to other languages because it’s lightweight, fast, and loads client-side, meaning every modern web browser can render the language. It’s the perfect language for building-up your Bootstrap websites or supplementing your WordPress or Joomla projects.

More and more libraries and tools for JavaScript programming are being introduced to the market this year, with JavaScript frameworks like MooTools and tool kits like WebKit growing in popularity with JavaScript programmers across various sub-markets.

These JavaScript libraries make it incredibly easy to learn and use JavaScript to build applications and functionalities without having to re-invent the digital wheel each time you need a function that already exists elsewhere.

Progressive Web Apps

One new trend in programming that has already garnered excitement in 2019 is the advent of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs.) These apps are programmed to load on a user’s screen without the need for installation through an app store or computer. With PWA programming technology, you can create apps that do anything a traditional app does without having to ask your users to install a new program on their device.

PWAs can be thought of as portable apps for mobile and desktop devices that load client-side on the user’s machine. Users appreciate the time and effort saved by these apps and learning to program for PWA systems can tremendously help your development ventures. You can even implement push notifications using this platform and PWAs have been shown to load quickly, which matters a lot on today’s impatient web

These programming trends have already proven themselves to be useful and here to stay through the duration of 2019 and longer. You can earn a considerable salary by programming for A.I. or machine learning, or by creating new functions for Joomla and other CMSs. Programming new apps through the emerging PWA platform can help your users reach your content more quickly and easily and boost your reach in several important ways without sacrificing features or functionality

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