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If you work at a construction site then you must know that forklift is the most common equipment there. From transporting loads with deft to placing stones with precision, the forklift can do everything. They are powerful and heavy-duty. Therefore, it is risky to operate them. In fact, one should not operate them without a manual.

On one hand, we have to make sure that the crew operating the forklift is well-trained. On the other hand, we have to look if the forklift we are using at the construction site is not faulty. In short, we have to save the life of the workers by giving them necessary pieces of training about how to operate a forklift.  Follow the below-given tips to use a forklift safely.

  1. Get Your Certificate

We will never recommend you to be on the forklift without any training. This could be very dangerous and deadly. What we want you to do is get training according to OSHA standards and earn your certificate. As an employer, you should keep a strict check on your employees’ performance who use a forklift. Make sure to keep their training up-to-date by educating them with videos, software training, and other demonstrations.

  1. Wear Appropriate Outfit

As a forklift operator, you should not be wearing loose clothing. Such clothes can easily get caught in the forklift and can cause serious inconvenience for you. So make sure to wear something slim-fit. Incorporate safety shoes, high-visibility jackets, and hard-hate in your forklift outfit.

  1. Know Your Forklift Type

According to OSHA, there are different types of forklift. Your forklift may differ from others in terms of structure, speed, usage, turning radius, and weight limit. So you should know your forklift type to operate it in a better and more efficient manner.

  1. Daily Inspection of Forklift

Make sure to inspect your forklift daily before using it. These daily checks should be done by the supervisor. If you find out that the forklift needs any repairmen then do it quickly and don’t operate it without repair. You should check the following things before operating your forklift;

  • Check radiator, water, and oil
  • Make sure the mast and the overhead guard has no damage
  • Test brakes, steering wheel, horn, and lights
  • Ensure the forks are straight and have no cracks
  1. No Extra People/Load

If you have the second seat then you may carry another worker with you. In case, no extra seat is available on the forklift then never allow any worker to ride on the equipment. I addition to that, don’t use a forklift to life people. For lifting people, use a secure work platform and cage.

  1. Moderate Speed

Take the speed limits very seriously while operating the forklift. Don’t abruptly stop or turn or change the direction as it could be very dangerous. In case your forklift starts to dip then stay in the vehicle, grip the wheel and brace your feet.

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