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 To an archer, the necessity of arrow rest is beyond description. It is an arrow rest that provides the archers extra support to place the arrow on the bow. It also supports the arrow to rest upon the bow in a correct position to launch appropriately so that an archer can aim to the target.

And here an archer must need a good arrow rest not only in sport but also in hunting time. In the market, you will get many types of arrow rest. Different rest has different features. From so many alternatives, one has to choose the best one. For hunting, there are some other pro arrow rests with additional features. So, here in this article, we are reviewing such an arrow rest which is one of the best arrow rest for hunting. It is the IQ Bowsights 3-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology, Right Hand. Now we are going to inform you all of this arrow rest’s features, pros, and cons.

Build Quality and Dimension

 In build quality, this IQ 3-Pin Micro Bow sight is uncompromised in an affordable price range. This rest/bow sight is designed for not only archery or target shooting but also hunting. The mainframe is made of Aluminum. However, plastic and rubber are also used to increase its stability and functionality. The dimension of this 8 ounces of arrow rest is 6″ inches in length > 4.2″ inches in width > 3.2″ inches in height.

Retina Lock Technology

 The most focusing feature of the IQ 3 – Pin Micro Bow sight is the retina lock technology. It is one of the pro features that allows you to launch your arrow to the actual aim. If you practice with the bow sight, we ensure you that your arrow must strike at your aim. All you need is to know the aligning of your retina at the center. This technology reduces torque and improves the form with instant feedback to control muscle memory and consistency. And this advantage allows a hunter to strike from far with tighter groups.


 Another pro feature of the ‘IQ 3-pin Micro Bowsight’ is the option of adjustability. There are particular micro-adjustment knobs of windage and elevation. There are also individual tool-free locking knobs to lock these adjustments. These locking features of adjustability provide a hunter an extra convenience to set the arrow on the bow and get the aim quickly. Even there is another alternative of locking knobs. You may use the screws (package includes) to set your adjustments. The 2nd AXIS is adjustable and also accessible with an adjustable Rheostat Sight Light which is sold separately.

Additional Built-in Features

 There are some other additional built-in features in the IQ Bowsight to provide the most accuracy to strike your aim. For the beginners, there is a built-in sight level to get it prefixed. Again its 3-pin sight has .019″ fiber optic bright pins. This Bow sight provides a hunter the ability to mount the sight as per striker’s shooting position and style.


  • Retina Lock Technology with instant feedback
  • Adjustable 2nd AXIS
  • Micro Adjust Knobs
  • Tool-Free Locking Knobs
  • Dual Position Mount Ability


  • Only Right-Handed Model
  • No 3rd AXIS Adjustment

Final Words

Here, we have disclosed everything about the IQ 3-Pin Micro Bowsight which one needs to know. In an affordable price range, this arrow rest must be the right choice for hunting if you have no issue about 3rd AXIS adjustment. No doubt, this arrow rest is the most accurate arrow rest/bow sight that guarantees you to shoot the longest distances with the highest accuracy. And that’s the reason why we are recommending you to buy the IQ Bowsights 3-pin Micro Bowsight With retina Lock Technology (Right Hand) for hunting.

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