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The work of cargo clearance includes arrangement and submission of all the documents needed to assist the imports and exports into and out of the country, inspection, representation of customer during cargo examination, duty payment, and post-clearance transport of cargo from customs along with the necessary documentation. All this hectic customs work gets easy by customs broking also called a customs brokerage, and the specialists that perform this task are called customs brokers. 

Following are some of the documents included in custom clearance:

  1. Exports Documentation: Order purchase is from Packaging, Sales Invoice, Buyer, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading or airway bill, and all other particularities in documents as mandated by the financial institutions or LC terms, as detailed by the buyer, or as per the importing regulations of the country.
  1. Imports Documentation: Order purchase is from Packaging, Sales Invoice, Buyer, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading or airway bill, and all other particularities in documents as mandated by the financial institutions or LC terms, as detailed by the buyer, or as per the importing regulations of the country.

Some responsibilities of a customs agent 

It is rightfully said, rather indubitably that the professionals in the field of customs are of utmost importance. The many exciting tasks that they perform are reasonably exciting to look into, for availing their services indeed needs a more in-depth insight. And only after deep insight would one get thorough satisfaction. So here are some of them that might interest you:

For starters, before clearing goods, the person would require approval from the principal authorities along with the arrangement of an authorisation letter to producing it whenever and wherever the commissioner requires it.

Now the question might arise about the custom agent need for cargo clearance. Is it vital to hire them?  

The word problematic might be well-suited for a person who would inaccurately handle the process of custom brokerage. Shipping containers are often stored in a warehouse as they undergo the process of customs clearance. Storage and warehousing add up to the fees quite hastily. If the problem is to arise in the customs clearance and customs brokerage process, rendering the process rough, the shipping costs can increase by hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Hence, if you are in the business of import and export, you would do much better if you reap the advantages of hiring an expert agent of customs clearance.

Multiple reasons are there for you to consider using the services for customs clearance, each depending on the type of your business. Stated below are the reasons that are to cater to your specific needs.

Complex information on administrative requirements

Many organisations cannot handle the workforce cost who are proficient in the complex administrative tasks, which present themselves as prerequisites for product shipping overseas. In this condition, outsourcing to cater to this business hurdles and choosing custom clearance services is a wise idea. 

A tremendous such service would offer a complete package of import/export solutions, which includes cargo shipping, logistics, distribution, and storage. It guarantees to take care of every aspect of your business so that you can rest peacefully.   

Customs clearance skills

The specialists of customs clearance ensure proper shipment delivery across borders so that your shipment reaches the intended destination with proper security measures. Irrespective of port entry, they have all the right aspects ensuring the proper execution of customs clearance process.   

Cut redundant expenses 

The rules and regulation of cross-border trade keep changing. The specialist in these fields would know about the prerequisites for each product, thus enabling you to avoid expensive fines, deferrals, and stock reallocation.  

Authenticating services of customs clearance declarations

One point to consider here is that you are in control of every custom declaration for your advantage. Since defective disclosures of your businesses depend on audits, fines, and sanctions, you should ensure that your declarations get approved by an official customs agent. 

Paperwork ease

Although the law does not require organisations to use customs agent services, yet multiple businesses would still work with them; This can be attributed to the fact that the organisations prefer to entrust their printed material and correspondence with prominent officials to an expert. 

Appropriate classification of the goods

The agents are proficient in the duties and obligations required for the products in every nation. Each item is explicitly labelled with an order number until they are categorised into proper classes and sub-classes to allow accurate and necessary identification for procuring customs duty.

Formal entry of straightforward clearance

There is a formal section needed for some goods, such as a formal declaration of specific data on certain imported ones; This is often applied to natural materials involved in researches and medical purposes, beauty care products, food and pharmaceutical products, and other dairy and horticulture products. 

Two things to consider for smooth shipping through customs

  1. Shipping Container should be appropriately loaded

Ensuring that you properly load your shipping container is one of the most significant factors for successful shipping clearance. 

As the shipper, you should load your shipping containers properly, as you deem it fit. If things are, on the contrary, it might cause unnecessary problems at customs ranging from extensive investigations and examinations of your international shipment products. These delays are avoidable by hiring an expert customs agent.

Pay special attention to personal shippers since they have less experience at container loading and international shipping than normal ones.   

  1. Give Thorough and Precise Data to Your Customs

International shipping involves a massive amount of paperwork and thus exists the complications in shipping cargo across borders; This is why cargo clearance organisations like UCM exist. 

We have the necessary knowledge and proficiency in smooth shipping of cargo across countries, just so shippers like yourselves can rest and lay back unworried about the hassles, regulations, and details and prioritise other problems in your business.   

However, there is still a pile of paperwork that is necessary to give to your cargo clearance agent. 

Thorough and accurate paperwork is highly essential for us to, which includes the value of the cargo, categorised list of inventories and shipment products, and other business information.  

The information provided ultimately is mandatory for the customs fees and duties at the ports. It also helps with the risk assessment for your cargo shipment and more such processes.

What you do not want is to give inaccurate information to your customs clearance agent thinking you would sneak off something past them. What you do want instead is a lower assessment of risk for cargo shipment, which again requires aspects as mentioned above. 


For reasons mentioned above, if you think a cheap freight forwarder would manage your international shipping and not cause it to be more expensive in the end with its mistakes, then you might be a little wrong. Always go for someone with more experience in the business.


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