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For the youth of India, newer and better job opportunities are opening up every day. These opportunities are a huge step for them in whatever field it is that they want to build their career. One such opportunity is the certification from ACCA which opens up a bright future ahead for students and ensures that as they progress in their careers, this one qualification would be enough for them to sit at managerial positions around the world and in a diverse range of industries and sectors.

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is an international organization established in the UK in 1904. The organization has over 5 lakh members in 170 countries and is a leading organization that provides certification in the field of chartered accounting.

International Appeal

The ACCA certification following good ACCA coaching in Hyderabad allows you to work in all countries where ACCA has an institute and in MNCs as the certification is accepted as being one of the highest quality certifications available in the field of finance, accounting and management. Apart from the Big 4, MNCs actively hire professionals certified by the ACCA and the professionals certified by ACCA are in high demand all over the world in a number of MNCs and firms. One can also practice auditing in the UK in any of the top audit and financial services firms in the UK because of your certification.

Benefits of ACCA

ACCA certification is an indication to the companies and firms that the person has the necessary skill set to progress and fill up important managerial and senior management positions and actively help the company in running its business.

The certification gives the students the highest quality of necessary skills in industries, banking, auditing, consulting, taxation and law and makes them eligible to hold high positions within the company and direct the flow of the company and can also work as an in-house auditor in any MNC or firm in India or abroad.

ACCA in India

For the students in India, ACCA is an emerging field of qualification that can help them get great career opportunities and ACCA coaching in Hyderabad can help you to achieve your dream. Rachnaoutsav Events Academy provides one of the best ACCA coaching in Hyderabad and has one of most coveted ACCA exam centre in Hyderabad.

The academy provides coaching services suitable even for working professionals as the ACCA conducts exam 2 times a year and the course is designed to help the candidates to easily prepare for the exam while not affecting their professional lives. Rachnoutsav College of Commerce and Management provides a comprehensive ACCA exam centre in Hyderabad to help professionals and students alike to prepare for ACCA certification exams and thus increasing their chances of clearing the exam.

The academy provides a great focus on the students and the course to ensure that they receive the highest quality of guidance to help them clear the high bar placed by the ACCA for the certification.

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